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L'oro Di Napoli Ealing  Traditional Neapolitan pizza wood fired oven in Ealing, London W5 4EE

L'oro Di Napoli Ealing
Great news - one of our excellent staff Gaetano De Luca👍just graduated with top mark. Working for us nearly 3 years
Well done 🎓🎓🎓

L'oro di Napoli hanwell


L'oro di Napoli hanwell

L'oro Di Napoli Ealing
Today special
Pizza with caramelised onion base, taleggio cheese, mozzarella and smoked pancietta
Home made is better 😀

Welcome to our new bussiness neighbour in South Ealing

Please anyone recognise this man ?
Award - free pizza for a half a year in L'oro di Napoli Ealing

Thank you 😘

L'oro Di Napoli Ealing
Monday evening full house inside and out ...😇 with regular customers

Welcome Polish school group
from Gdansk
having lunch & dinner for 4 days in L'oro Di Napoli Ealing & L'oro Di Napoli Hanwell
Pizza & Pasta 😀

L'oro di Napoli hanwell
This week special

L'oro di Napoli Ealing

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