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Lori Portka  Art and love from my studio and life on the trails in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Nature lover. Plant based living.

I bought this little planter for my mom when she got out of the hospital and decided that she wanted to redecorate her kitchen in cats instead of roosters. So we went out on a mission to find cats. This was the first one we found and it delighted us an unreasonable amount because #cute. And now she sits on a window in my studio giving me all the feelings. ❤️💔❤️ #missyouma

My sweet mom died two days ago. This is my favorite photo of us because I think she is so cute and I love how her hair is sticking up from the wind and how happy we are. We found out my mom was sick in February and the past few months have been so hard and so beautiful. Today is my birthday and last night as I was cleaning up and getting ready to drive to Pittsburgh for her service, I came across an old birthday card she wrote to me. It was like I could hear her talking to me and it all fit perfectly for today. A few months ago when we thought she might die soon, she told me that if anything happened to her, pay attention. She would be guiding me. Thanks for the birthday wishes Ma. I miss you so much. 💔

Aloha Friday! This painting was inspired in part by the beautiful island of Maui. 💗 #studiolife #ashevilleartist #giclee #avlart #compassion #fiercelove

When I first started painting I would draw pictures outlined in black and fill in the spaces with a solid color- no blending or mixing paints- kind of like using a coloring book. Now I mix colors and add layer after layer of paint so that the finished painting looks nothing like the way it started. I'm just getting the first layers down on this one. #wip #paintingprogress #layers #studiolife #ashevilleartist #avlart

I just picked up a bunch of new prints like this one, Still She Blooms. And see the flowers in the bottom right corner? That's my blooming garden that I JUST PLANTED and I'm so proud. #bloom

Our sweet Mia. She got really sick last autumn and we almost lost her. But she is taking meds that are working and she's doing good! I feel so grateful for all of this extra time with her.💗 #greyhound #greyhoundsofinstagram #retiredracer #adopt

I should be getting samples soon of my newest artwork printed on big canvases.❤️ #cantwait #avlart #avlartist #mixedmedia

I love my studio in the rain. So peaceful and cozy. #avlart #studiolife #woodprints

I had some news today that for some reason shook me and left me very unsettled. All day I've been surrendering, saying the serenity prayer, offering it to the universe, trying to let go. Then I see this double rainbow beauty. 🙏🏼❤️ (Edited to add: A couple of sweet friends have checked in on me after seeing this post. I'm ok, truly! Nothing serious.) #thesweetestgift

Giving me hope on this Monday morning- Queer Eye, James Corden and Paul McCartney, all the people showing up to help the children in cages, and MJ Hegar, the woman running for Congress from Texas (really, all the women running for office! There are so many!) 👏 Today I am painting the future as I would like it to be. My artwork holds hope when we need it most. #artheals #reasonstobehopeful

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