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Lori⚡️  🤘🏼HTX | Wifey | Mom Half Japanese Girl 💁🏻‍♀️ @muscleelements-Slayer20 @shadyrays-HTXSLAYER @violatethedresscode - slayer

Wishing I had @rachelle_carter with me to do a flex-off!! Who thinks we should?!! (She always wins) 💪😆 BUT on a siiiide note, I’m super happy when I see the work I put in at the gym is paying off. Now if someone could just force me to do my cardio while there, I’d be golden. 👌😝 Hope everyone’s had an amazing weekend!!!!! 😘 POWERED BY @muscleelements 💥💥💥

Don't study me boy, you won't graduate! 🎓
Fresh kicks by @heydayfootwear
Powered by @muscleelements
Cameo by @rachelle_carter 🏃‍♀️😂
And quick clip by @violatethedresscode 's @machinegunnwilly 😜

Amazing shoot with my @violatethedresscode team! Killer work from everyone involved
@joe_reizer 🎬
@brigittegoudz 💃
@rachelle_carter 💃
@denissetenore 💃
@jacquieastcoast 💃
@martygottlieb 📸
@abad_photography 📸
@young_new 📸
@machinegunnwilly 📸

Post beach day ab check. What's your favorite beach snack? Can anything beat Jersey Shore Pizza?

Urban Dictionary’s top definition of: HARD IN THE PAINT. To approach a problem, obstacle, or challenge with supreme confidence of success through a commitment to use all facilities available to one's self to achieve a goal.
Ex: When we saw Lori sippin’ that #PreCreXS Preworkout from @muscleelements, we knew soon she going hard in the paint at the gym. 💪😁 Code: slayer20 @muscleelements shorts: @violatethedresscode kicks: @heydayfootwear

Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it! 🔥🔥🔥
Pic @machinegunnwilly

Pre-workout kicked in... get da fVck out of my way! 🔥 From pre-workout, to intra to post ME has me covered 💪
@muscleelements fuels my body!
Leggings @violatethedresscode
Vid @machinegunnwilly

Chasing the horizon w/ @digitalicon 🌅 Thanks to @rachelle_carter for making this HOT bikini for me to shoot in!! 💕👙 Fueled by @muscleelements

Happy 14th birthday to my baby boy!! Love you, Gavin 💙💙

The Adventures of Lors and Ray.
"Life is too short to take seriously. If you can't laugh at yourself, call us. We will laugh at you!" - #AdventureTime
Powered by @muscleelements
Photo @machinegunnwilly

We made our flight... cardio is DONE for the year! 😅🤣 As always, way too much fun shooting w Ray @rachelle_carter , and Chris @machinegunnwilly. Adventures of Lors and Ray to be continued!!!! #newnew #gogo

Thank GOODNESS I wore camouflage to the beach this morning. It’s like I wasn’t even there!?!! Can ya spot me? 👀🤗 Shooting with @machinegunnwilly @abad_photography @rachelle_carter @violatethedresscode

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