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Just do your screens to gossip  Brazilian 🍇 guess my age

Last one for today😂

2 generations 👧🏻👩🏻

I hate when females think i want their men, why would i want him?! So he could cheat on me too? 😩

Love your man like them bitches in your head do

The only thing that can make me smile when i'm having a mental breakdown

If you having a bad day, remember there's someone stalking u like is their religion just to see if ur still happier than them

A wise women once said " fuck this shit " and she lived happily ever after

" you can't stay mad forever " lol mofo watch me

" bruh why my cousin about to eat poor mr.krabs? " #2003 #childhood #matchinghairstyles

When you find out who's your bae's ex and you have to take thousand showers 🤢

I do a thing called what i f*cking want

It ain't a secret, but it ain't your business either

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