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Seemed like this was as good as place as any for a beef jerky break.

The Great Rift, Milky Way. Sometimes when waking up frozen at 4:30 in the mountains and all you want to do is make a morning fire is worth it.

Checked into the Billion Star Hotel last night after a rather steep 2000ft of elevation hike. #rei1440project

Everything's better with an egg. Korean style short ribs over rice.

Sahar gets it... 😴

Sitting at the kids table. Almond orange crunch with a graham crust. #😛

It's all about the pan sauce...basting with butter, rosemary and thyme helps too 😛 #steak

#ChiStrikesBack marchers rally at #Chicago's Federal Plaza. With all the flags and sense of #unity that I saw out there, this hit hard the most. Being born from Italian immigrants, my father has busted his ass off for over 40 years providing a better life for me, my brothers and my sisters. America runs on immigrants. #unitedwestand #daywithoutimmigrants

Cloud Nothings @thaliahallchicago

“In a kernel of grain, there's everything to support a whole life. Carbohydrates, minerals, proteins. And it's locked up real tight. If I gave you a bag of flour and water, and you had nothing else to live on, you could live on that for a while, but eventually you would die. But if you take that same bag of flour and water and bake it into bread, you could live indefinitely.” A little tidbit I learned from #Netflix’s series ‘#Cooked’ starring #MichaelPollan . Check it out.

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