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Lorenz de Castro  undercover passion on the run+


it's always a good idea to invest in yourself ⭐️ +

try something new today☀️🙂
thank you to the lady who cooked my food and took my photos😅+

strong on our own, unstoppable together😎today marks my first year of riding strong with @teamelectricph ⚡️gained so much positivity, perspective and people special to me🤗 lost a lot of negativity in life and xx kilos😛 special shoutout to my regular buddies @leonox @karenhizon @mai.suarez @jabugo_ham you guys make every ride awesome +

as we build and buy nice things, let's do nice and good things for our each other😉+

the road to success is never easy, but know that there's more than one road to get there. find all ways possible, all opportunities you can create and all the Faith you can give yourself and others+

be there for people around you; and never see kindness as a sign of weakness. be good to others, and the world will be good to you🙂+

just like iconic staircases, what does not go out of style would be kindness to others. go show it off everyday🙂+

never stop hustling, never stop dreaming and never stop taking care of yourself. recreate, replenish and reinforce your mind, body and soul+

when more blessings come your way, try becoming a blessing to people around you☀️+

our achievements are works of many people who believe in us and those who put trust in what we can do:) let's try to pay it forward⭐️+

be grateful for every moment in your life. celebrate the good ones and learn from the rest😉+

be grateful for each day, become better everyday+

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