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Lorenz de Castro  beyond measure+

no matter how hard life gets, always try to spread good vibes☺️+

we are never too old to risk mere comfort for our dreams. uncage yourself+

if you can't be all that to everyone, the very least you can do is to spread positivity around☺️+

gentle reminder to those of us who at times forget our own welfare in the midst of the hustle☺️+

never think that your success all came from you. remember the people you are grateful for☺️+

when we start to think that we already know every side of the story, go find a new perspective☺️+

passionate from miles away ☺️✈️+

it is nice to just stop and think of everything you should be grateful for ☺️+

spend less time sulking, and discover more time hustling. let's go✈️+

always stand strong, but never on a standstill+

when one thing gets you down, find seven more reasons to get up☺️ +

take and give kindness like sugar, every dose can make any moment better🙂+

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