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Lorentz  🇺🇸 ->NXT CON: sabakon (Vegas) 💪Fitness 🎥YouTuber 🌐www.iwoodcosplay.com Business: iwoodcosplay@gmail.com Support iwoodcosplay buy a pattern👇

Excited and pumped for TWO HEROES !!!
-Deku @komacosplay

Pretty pumped for BNHA Dos Heroes!
Who else hasnt seen it?

*How I got into the same position for everyshot surprises me too*

I got some new contacts from @ttd_eye and @ttdeyeofficial and here they are. If you're like me with natural brown eye color, then this will be a good indication of what these contacts(name listed on each slide) will look on you. -comfort 5/5 my absolute favorite colored contact brand when it comes to comfort. No blurred peripheral vision💪.
-enlargment will depend on the contacts. You can see that the @mysteryred is eye enlarging. Eye enlarging helps achieve that kawaii look 👀 they're great for cosplay but a little ostentatious for everyday use imo.
-price $30-$50/pair but you can use my code "Lorentz" to shave 10% off. Not a bad investment since they last a year just make sure to check up on them as the solution sometimes dries up.
Iwood Tip: Buy red contacts bc they can be used for multiple cosplays. I've used @mysteryred for Bakugo, Kirishima, and soon Aizawa. Blue is different story bc the color isnt always as accurate as the listing, I'll try out more blue contacts for you all soon.
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Going live now! -
Its been a while since my last live. I wanna catch with you as well as connect with some of my new followers. -
Also Im super super pumped for BNHA two heroes tmrw. Come hang and drink wine with me.

Current MOOD -
It's good to be back home from all the travels, catch up on work, and hit the gym again. I've lost soo much muscle mass (TFW you look about the same but lighter)
Im excited to be working with a group of friends next weekend for some FF7 goodies. Stay tuned.🙏
Shirt by @bibisamaapparel
P.C. @dietary_fiber -
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It's almost that time of the year where we get to wear a costume. In my elementary, all the students were allowed to wear a costume and participate in the "Halloween Parade" during school. In the 2nd grade, I remember messing around with an origami hat on my head and realized it could fit on my face. Shortly after that, rolled up paper became horns and a cardboard box became my armor. I remember being so immersed in the project that i kept adding more details and unnecessary things (hence the wing+cape combo). Before i knew it, it was already past 11 pm and i wanted to make more parts of the costume but at 7 yo i was aware that I should go to bed. I remember being exhausted but feeling fulfilled. The next day, when i was going to put on this homemade costume, despite all my efforts, I had an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment. I thought of the cynics, maybe his parents were too poor to buy him a costume? Does he think he's costume is actually good? Out of fear, I was going to squeeze into my old batman costume from the store, but my mom insisted I wear my homemade costume and so i did. I felt so embarrassed walking to school as everyone starred, the feeling of people judging me. But just like being splashed in cold water, you get use to it and My janky homemade (i made it myself) costume was chosen as one of the judges favorite costumes for the parade. I didn't win anything big, just a pumpkin, but the experience of facing embarrassment and the cynics paved the foundation of who i am today. I don't think my costume was good but i do thank my mom for encouraging me to share it anyways bc no one starts off "good" and that definitely shouldn't be the reason to not try. This advice isnt just for cosplayers, but to everyone that's been holding back on what they want to do bc they're not "good" enough. As a matter of fact, you should expect not start off good but remember that trying it can start something great. -
#motivation #throwbackthursday #workforit #stayfocus #halloween #halloweenideas #dreamer #dreams #bnha #bokunoheroacademiacosplay #theclimb -
P.c. @dietary_fiber bakugo

The latest episode of BNHA got me feeling like... -
Deku -it me
enjoy :^)
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Thank you Puerto Rico! You all have not only been super fun but also very welcoming to both Steph and I. -
Big thanks to @alyisen and Mat for inviting us and showing us how beautiful the island is. Big shoutout to all the staff and volunteers of @comic_fest_aguada_con for the positive vibes. You all are full of energy. I will be working on the vlog for this con in the upcoming days. I miss everyone already. -
If you're ever have the opportunity to visit Puerto Rico, iwood highly recommend it. 💛💛💛much love everyone

We arrived safely in Puerto Rico and enjoying some delicious food. Very warm welcome from the con. Everything is great so far. 🙏🙏🙏much love yall. I'll be vlogging this con as well so you can see what it's like on this gorgeous island and the people here. @comic_fest
PC. 📷@fz_dokidoki_prod thanks for the photo -
#cosplay #travelblogger #travels #artist #liveforthestory #lifeislong

Here is my cosplay line up for @comic_fest_aguada_con this weekend. Meet n greet times are not finalized yet. Steph and I will have some new prints and in smaller size (thanks for the feedback) for you all in Puerto Rico. --
Until then, con crunching. I'll get back to DM and comments on Wednesday night, see you all soon.
Bakugo PC @dietary_fiber
Deku PC @rchong89
Thank you my doods for the photos
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Who is rdy for next week's fight?
Midoriya vs. Bakugo Pt2.
I predict that Deku will "lose" for more character development on his part and depsite bakugo winning he will still be unsatisfied with his victory knowing Deku hasnt fully mastered his quirk yet. In way, both characters will strive to be better.
If you read, the Manga no spoilers please.
What do you all think?
Pc @dietary_fiber
@ardawigs jareth ash blonde styled by me

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"I'm not saving anyone that can save themselves...simply put triage"
I heard today's episode should be good.
@ardawigs Jareth Ash Blonde
@ttd_eye mystery red use code "Lorentz" for 10% off
Bless @dietary_fiber for making me look epic at @crunchyroll
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