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Lorentz @fanime  Self-employed /Fitness /YouTuber @lorentz_iwood "Lorentz" for 10% off your smexy @ttd_eye Support iwood cosplay Buy a pattern or kit

I hope ya'll are finishing up concrunch for fanimedon't worry if you havent I've been there!!!! Finish what you can
See you all there tmrw as RPG bakugo!
Meet and greet still at 4:00-5:00pm. Much love see yall then.
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儭 Aye everyone, Steph and I will be holding a meet and greet at Fanime on Friday and Saturday. I've been super busy and don't have the time to get to everyone's DM like i use too but that doesnt mean I don't love yew! Iwood love to chat with you all and learn more about yew.

Fridays@ 4-5 p.m. and Saturday @ 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. 儭 綽 come hang out with us ask us your cosplay questions, fitness, favorite food, anime,

"He is within reach no?" Today's episode
I'll be bringing Kirishima to Fanime y'all bc he needs more love. Hopefully the abs will be at this level by next week.

Angry boi @philmizuno Bakugo

Who else is intimidated by wig styling? I want to thank Michelle @epiccosplaywigs for trusting me with this wig. I was so intimidated when they gave this to me to style at Katsucon, but I'm so happy it came out the way it did.
Wig #Darkred Helen Bangless

Thickness 5/5 i am use to working with Jareth Arda wigs, this one definitely has more hair and more weight which is good for unrealistic spikey styles.
Comfort 5/5 the wig caps are a bit larger than what I've used before but it was surprisingly comfortable
Wig fit 3/5 the wig cap was a little big for my head, the hair line and side burns didnt fit exactly like i wanted. But it will work if you dont have a smol face like me.
Color 5/5 just like the picture, of course it gets a shade darker when wet and product applied

I usually don't do this, but fuk it, it's friday!!!! No days off for the self employed, but TGIF anyways. #kabedon

@thekigustop jackets
@stephstonecos Bakugo Genderbend

What do you all want me to bring for Fanime?
I'm planning on doing Deku and Soma for sure already. More bakugo?[I feel like i played him out] but if still want me to bring him i can, kirishima??? Your thoughts are super appreciated. 仕irishima Wig styled by me @epiccosplaywigs Helen Dark Red Bangless
@the_kigu_stop varsity jackets
@stephstonecos genderbend Bakugo

These jackets from @the_kigu_stop could be there own cosplay. I believe they're back in stock so check em out.

@epiccosplaywigs-thank yew for the wig. HELEN DARK RED BANGLESS @dietary_fiber
@stephstonecos genderbend bakugo
Also, is this print worthy for y'all? I like 11x17 bc it's big enough to serve the picture justice; but im open for suggestions. Plz

This morning at my gym, I had a conversation with an elderly man that rekindled some #wordsofwisdom that helped me get to where I am today.
-As many of you know I'm at the gym almost everyday. Today an older man noticed how frequent I was at the gym and asked me "why are you here so often? Are you a body builder?"
- I told him, "no, I'm not. I'm working on my brand and it stands for hardwork so this is something I do to hold myself accountable...and I kinda want to look good because I model"
-he answers, "you've got the looks and the build, but you're too short,no?"
These words, evoked some old conversations of the doubters, a lot of them family members and loved ones, when I left med school to pursue my passion in the arts. "You don't have the degree for it, you don't have the connections, you're too late, just stick to a stable job" -I know many of you out there are young and want to pursue your passion like I do. So if I can give you some advice today, it wood be to ask yourself the question,fact or opinion? Most of the time, it's an opinion (listen to it though) and remember your opinion is the most important one. Do it your way, the way others havent seen it done. You'll eventually come up with your own style-your own flavor that others will want to taste. Much love as always.

1 year transformation, thank you @stephstonecos for suggesting I do a side-by-side comparison of My Cloud, this is the perfect shot I didn't even think about this.
Definitely check out my weight loss, look at how loose those belts are on the right. Look at that janky glove on the left. Omg

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