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Lorena  Too lazy to blog / mother of a dragon

Oh look, the endangered species known as the #instagramhusband made his appearance :D
#idohaveahusband #ididntmakehimup #awildhusbandappears
REPOST because the quality was shit and #instagramhusband deserves better :D
Also I just realized that for someone who claims to be camera shy he sure looks very "outta my way bitch I'm Vogue" doesen't he :D

Look at that fake ass smile
#hegotitfromhismama :D

If this kid doesen't grow up to be an artist I don't know who will :D
Photo by @slavwitch :*

Little toes in sandals are just the cutest thing :) Why do they have to grow and become smelly man feet?

Isn't it just lovely when they play with pretty "instaworthy" toys so you can just use your feet to kick the ugly plastic ones out of the frame :D

Do you believe in law of attraction? Because I think it just got confirmed! I've been dreaming of finding simple industrial stools to replace the hideous ones we have now and baaam here it is :) I do need to repaint them ( there are two) and replace the seats as they are in pretty bad condition but they are spot on what I wanted. Totally worth waking up at 5 am on a Sunday and digging trough tons of crap people sell on fleamarket :D

You know those situations where your kid asks you something, but you're not really paying attention so you just nod your head... yep, apparently I allowed this :D

Running trough the fields is a tiring job, so one must rest on his mothers bony legs :D
Magical moment captured by my sister @slavwitch

Country living :D

Bae since we were newborns :D

Bedtime finally :D
Oh and major shoutout to the shadow on my chest, creating the illusion that I have boobs :D
Nighty night dear friends :*

Toys are gender neutral, right? :D

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