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LUMPY  I'm a rescue named Lumpy. Part Norwegian Forest Cat, part human, part fox, all cloud sprite. Born in California 🇺🇸, living in Sweden 🇸🇪

does a yawn count as a #tongueouttuesday

Look, sometimes a guy's gotta do a little Captain Lumpy cosplay up on the main mast

Monday should stay thiiiiis far away from me

Humom said otters sometimes hold hands while they sleep and I said "they're not the only ones"

🎶in the jungle the mighty jungle the Lumpy sleeps...🎶 oh excuuuuse me, am I bothering the mighty lion

when you're doing homework and put your head down to close your eyes "just for a second"

Greetings, human. It is I, the Overlump

Isn't it weird how this cloud is always in the shape of a cat

Hi mom! I figured out how to go outside alone even if the balcony door is barely open!!! #notcoollumpy

Frankly, I don't even give a shit if I fits.

when you're tryna twin with the vase but you gotta sneak in a quick toe stretch

God, what if I'm wasting my life? Oh wait, I'm a cat.

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