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hey hi—casually gonna post after 13 weeks of no activity😭😂
currently: in a car rolling down the dark, silent interstate except for the occasional car—unwinding after our endeavors in Mexico, although fun.
recently, prominently: my first year of high school began in August as a freshman International Baccalaureate (IB) student: "rigorous, abstract."
the above encloses my life as of late and hence the reasoning for my inactivity
sorry guys. I still love love Love Ellita (spanish) ❤️
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hey guys!
it me, angel, owner of the account 😊 so this is what I look like—a little crappy. this is basically just a little reminder/ update on what I look like. yeah. so

I can totally see what Ella saw in the photographer, Ryan. the Dazed shots are Amaaziinnggg😭💞 | anyway, I know you all have already seen these, but I just am kind of in the mood for posting (: | AlsO! next post is gonna be… A SELFIE! yes children, I AM preparing to grace you with a selfie. no but um really, it's just an update on who I am, what I look like, etc. so yeah. 🍭

dis from Vogue Australia. also my current lock screen 💝🇦🇺 | I've a busy weekend ahead of me😁 tomorrow my brother's taking me to some diner & to a movie; Saturday I'm having a day with my friends and just yaaay 💓 tell me about your weekend!

hello kittens💝 I haven't been on in SO incredibly long. I was thinking about giving away this account, but then I was like "better not 😬" lol

so hey
I'm back bitches, and I know everything.

kind of an old photo, don't know. from Elle magazine. I asked my mom once if she would wear those pants, and she said yes 😂 | I'm just sick. | We come around here all the time…
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last day of spring break 😔 it's testing season when we return to school.. ugh. suck. | one of my favorite photos of Lorde. so fresh- | I move through town, I'm quiet like a fight
#Lorde #lordemusic #PureHeroine

I'm sick for like the third time. 😒 | my niece and nephews enjoy watching British cartoons on Netflix lol | I've done like zero homework. I've not practiced clarinet. I'm bad. | isn't this like the prettiest photo ever | No one knows where the ladder goes
#Lorde #lordemusic #PureHeroine

hey. I haven't posted in a long while, but I have my reasons. | can I just say that I love Lorde for the letter she sent to Joe from X Factor NZ 💞💐 | can someone explain the Lorde/Kanye photos that are circulating? like are they collaborating? what is this?? | The scars that mark my body, they're silver and gold
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LAST CHRISTMAS BORDER, Y'ALL! I know I said I would stop on December 25th but whatever. | THE QUEEN HAS GRACED US WITH THIS MARVELOUS PHOTO | dude so it's 4:15am and I'm not tired. ugh. | I'm proud to state that I've done quite a bit with myself this winter break: I wrote my IB entrance essay, I've been practicing honor band music, I wrote a screen play for a movie (I'm in a club lol), and I've been reading & writing. I'm happy 😊 | MY HONOR BAND CONCERT IS LIKE LITERALLY THIS WEEK AND IDK GUYS IDK. I made 2nd chair clarinet this year! 😭💞 (I was 7th chair last year) but yeah. | You wear yourself down
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Lorde starter pack y'all | You can call me Queen Bee
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