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angriest mercy  ⭐️Chelsea | 20 | Streamer & Cosplayer⭐️ •••••••🎮Gamertag: WaifuMochi🎮•••••••• 💙@ellisuwc_💙 Next Con: Colossal East


When he says he loves you, he really means "I'm going to try to 1v6 the enemy team and not switch even though they have a sym, winston, and zarya and then I'm going to spam that I need healing every time I die because it's your fault".
Mercy pic taken by @chrisxracer 👌

How's everyone's placements going?
Funny story- I was trying to level up my smurf in some qp and this Hanzo in voice chat wouldn't stop saying "Rez me you cunt" "Wow I'm really not getting healed" "We don't have a healer guys" when he was the one over extending AS A SNIPER trying to 1v6 the enemy team. Bottom line is don't let people like that get you tilted because they're bad, and if you can help it, just mute them so you don't have to hear them cry ☺

I'll be streaming again very soon! Just enjoying my last day in NC before I have to leave 😭

at da beach

a couple more pics from the asylum ☺

Forgot to post that I had gone to an abandoned asylum! These are only a few pics I took. I want to visit more places like this! If you want to do urban exploring please remember to bring gloves and face masks. It's common that there's mold, rust and all sorts of things that could be harmful to inhale or get injured on.

I'm burning to a crisp ☺


this just in
heal mom abandons her kids for a much needed vacation

When the hustle comes on and u can't help but do the mercy dance

I'm sorry I haven't been streaming much lately! I've been trying to figure out a better setup because my current one involves A LOT of cords and preparation. I'd like to have everything in a better space so it's more organized 😭

do you ever just feel forgotten?

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