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John Domel Brightman あほのクロ  Maître de la Baston. Ambassador. Infection Control Nurse. Music Enthusiast. Gamer. Known as the Operatic Knight. 祝福の鐘を貴方に。🇬🇧


Сколько же еще мне дорог предстоит пройти
Сколько покорить мне вершин, чтоб себя найти
Сколько же с отвесной скалы мне падать вниз
Сколько начинать все с нуля, и есть ли смысл

What I've learned is the more you plan, the less the flexibility there is in the result. The less give, and the less life. If you can steel yourself just to blunder off into the dark and keep alert to the way it ought to go, then God will come to your aid. - Tom Stoppard

I've posted some of these on my instagram stories, so here are some photos from my recent holiday...

In life, you either adapt or you perish. That is evolution. - Paul Michael “Triple H” Levesque


Mon Dieu, où est passé cette fantaisie que tu avais à l'instant?

I just came back from a holiday, and here I am first thing in the morning, someone slipped these Easter eggs on my office/clinic. Where's that bloody Easter Bunny? You aren't supposed to left these without chocolates. 😆😂

桜雨の中で ぼくらふたりぼっち 脆くて儚い夢をみる
移り気な心も 君だけが何故 離せない 二人の恋路は宵の口

Cherry blossoms, the noble flower that witness many encounter over time. Cherry blossoms, the vain flower, that have watched many farewell... - Masahiro Itabashi

ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄▽ ̄)┘

When you haven't seen your squad for almost a century. 😂😂😂 I'll see you guys after 500 years or so... 😂🔫

Il n'est pas nécessaire d'être entouré pour être valorisé. Le lion marche seul, alors que le mouton marche en troupeau...

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