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John Domel Brightman あほのクロ  Maître de la Baston. Ambassador. Clinical Nurse Consultant. Infection Control. Music Enthusiast. Gamer. Known as the Operatic Knight. 祝福の鐘を貴方に。🇬🇧


I've finished my rounds in the paediatrics and they gave me some treats. Lucky! 😍😅😆

Before quitting something you want to do, you should explore alternative solutions. - Higasa Akai

Licht Von Glanzreich, my precious cinnamon, among all the other characters it is him that I could relate the most, I see my old self and a little bit of the present that I am now. Playful yet serious and has compassion on whatever he does. Among all the other successors, it is him that I want to ascend the throne, however i do hope his decision is not yet final to go astray his path to lead the kingdom and be supported by his brothers since each of them have their own strengths (if you're updated with the manga you know what I have said so). I am looking forward to see the upcoming musical later this year and hopefully we get another season for this.


Monday Motivation: The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.- Franklin D. Roosevelt


祈りをやがて来る 不確かな明日に向かって

I want to tell them "I'm happy now." and that "There will come a day when you'll be glad to be alive, so hang in there.". - Ichigo Takano

Last night I've watched Orange: Mirai for the second time. It was back in early 2016 when I came across with the the live adaptation, then I've read the manga and saw the anime adaptation. I was enthralled how predominantly time travel unfolds the story of regrets, depression, friendship, hope, and a little bit of romance between the main characters.
Orange Mirai was Suwa's point of view of the main story and the continuation after the ending of the manga and anime. I might as well said it as an alternative universe or ending w which probably fans of the main series have been dying to see as well. The artwork and camera were superb just like in the original anime adaptation and the sceneries were breathtaking as if it was just like a photo of a scenery.

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.—Ernest Hemingway

I've earned all the trophies in Tekken... I'm still not over with the ending though and I am really looking forward for the next installment. Also we did a lot of Super Mario last night on both Wii and Switch. 😅🙌

Breakfast, yup we're doing it right 😅 Kouhai-chan brought some gelato cake last night 😶😊

It´s hard when you don´t know what caused your sadness, but it´s even harder when you know what makes you happy, yet you can´t do anything to have it...

Monday Motivation: Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.” —William Ellery Channing

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