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Lovi Rahmanniah 

OneMicrosoftConsumer bowling fest... together we rise!!! #motivation

You guys are TOO SWEET!!! Love them too much... 😭 #blessed #bestteamever #mewek

Sundanese+medanese lunch. 3 hours cooking is worth the wait. (Tumis bunga pepaya, nasi bakar, tahu tempe bandeng goreng, sup daging, sambel) 👊🏼

Unexpected guest is in da hauz!

Mami siska condo tour

It's like a roller coaster trip to bali.. but still, I need to capture my #ootd 😎

The squad is welcoming the rooster year

Ball of happiness

Good food, good laugh, good company!!! #blessed

Sisterhood + little man boomerang #yowhatsup #teamsirkusgoestocirebon

Rockin' the stripes

Having a team that love and care about you as much as you care for and love them is PRICELESS!

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