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LooseWomen  Join the Loose Women weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV and STV. #loosewomen

Andrea: 'On it like an Easter bonnet... I don't even know what that means?' Stacey: 'You're like a hat?'
When a colloquialism goes wrong 😂 💕 We loved watching this moment unfold between our ladies. #loosewomen #happyeaster🐰

Going teetotal has changed @susannareid100’s life for the better. But as Susanna explained going tipple free can raise an awkward moment or two in social situations. The @GMB presenter revealed on today’s show that a date once stood her up because she doesn’t drink. Watch the full chat > YouTube.com/LooseWomen

Stepping out in style. Here's today's look revealed 💕👉
@kayeadamsofficial wears a dress from @monsoon and shoes from
@loveshoeaholics. @rebeccaferguson__ wears a dress from @comino.couture. @nadiasawalhaandfamily is seen in a blouse from @zara and jeans from @wallisfashion. @janepmoore wears a dress from @mango and a belt from @asos. #lwstyle #loosewomen #ootd #getthelook #style

“I’ve even got the birds laughing at me”. 😂Our very own Janet prepares for her upcoming @neighbours debut. Are you excited to watch her cameo tonight at 5.30pm?😃😱😃#loosewomen #neighbours

‘If you don’t like me, then don’t like me. My sexuality, I can’t change anything to do with that.’ #TOWIE’s @bobbycnorris is taking on the trolls with a campaign to make online homophobia a specific criminal offence. #loosewomen

Breast milk with your cornflakes? 🍼 Recent studies suggest breast milk could be the next big superfood, helping boost gut health in adults as well as babies. But would you drink breast milk for your health? Janet proved she had no qualms about giving it a go when she offered to taste some on today's show! Scroll to see her reaction 😂#loosewomen

'There’s nothing worse than being a mum and seeing your child injured, and thinking about her wedding day and I just couldn't bear it." Last year newsreader and #Strictly star Natasha Kaplinsky and her family were involved in a terrifying boat accident. Opening up for the first time on TV about the incident, Natasha recalled how being stranded in the sea for 45 minutes helped reduce the severity of their scarring from the explosion. #loosewomen

“It’s exciting...I’m promoting sanity...a return to a more innocent place.” Hollywood superstar @charliesheen joined us to talk about his experience with addiction, his recovery and a possible Two and A Half Men reboot. #loosewomen

Check out the meanings behind our panellists names. @andreamclean1 @staceysolomon @coleen_nolan and Janet Street-Porter #loosewomen 😂😂

We caught up with Britain’s most fearless Judge @judgerinder as he talks unforgettable cases, his admiration for our Janet and his awkward run-in with superstar Harry Styles at the gym 😱😂 #loosewomen

No nonsense former special forces soldier @ollie.ollerton joined the show to discuss all things Channel 4’s Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.
Our very own @andreamclean1 will be put through her paces this Sunday night. 👀 #loosewomen #sas

Purr!!! @brendaemusic has a very special gift talking to cats and we are here for it!!! 🐈😍😂 What’s your hidden talent? #loosewomen #fridayfeeling

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