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Looplabs  Come make music with us. It's free. It's online. It's easy.

Music is one language we all understand. We're trying to help people speak it #looplabs #makemusic #musicquotes

Today we celebrate a track by Looplab's Dynamic Duo JFauxTwins - made up of Evan & Spencer. These guys have been creating killer tracks and inspiring the community since they first joined forces. We're pretty happy having them call Looplabs home. Do yourself a favor and check them out - heck why not go and remix one of their tracks - they'd dig that. #looplabs #makemusic @jfauxtwin_recneps @stroupystroup

Flying Fish? yes please! Happy to share one of our fave users doffice's track. Check him out on looplabs, or better yet make your own. It's super fun & super easy.

We couldn't agree more @champagnepapi ! Try something different today. Why not mix Trap with some Indian Ragas? #makemusic #looplabs #drake #drakequotes

Despite the rain great turnout. Cranking amazing tracks from the looplabs community in downtown NYC was pretty epic. Thanks to @artsbrookfield and @creativetechweek . Shout out to @doffice on looplabs for backing track. #looplabs #makingmusic

We lost a legend today. Long live the #prince #dovescry

Happy to have @jailom98 on @looplabs check out his beats and make your own.

We are on the same page as @skrillex Congratulations for last nights #amas

Opening up music making to the world. Come and give us a spin www.looplabs.com #revoltmusicconference #looplabs

with no musical knowledge these children were producing music in a matter of minutes. sharing ideas, collaboratively and individually creating for the first time. their excitement made it all the worthwhile - an experience we can never #looplabs #maeatrocares #LaRomana

"Sick drop?? I've got better drops in my litter box!" - #GrumpyCat at the #looplabs office.

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