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stephanie🦖  i do fanfics for @wavylooney jocelyn is bae. im gonna try to post daily so be active.

chapter 20;
when you were done getting your lunch you sat down at your table and waited for the person that gave you the note, you saw him and it was marcel (if you don’t know who marcel is then swipe 1x to see how he looks)
y/n’s POV;
damn he’s really hot.. wait im dating luis i can’t cheat on him.
marcel = m
m; hey.
y/n; hi. are you the one that gave me the note?
m; yeah. im marcel
y/n; im y/n.
m; pretty name. can i ask you something?
y/n; what is it?
m; i know we just met but um i like you..
y/n; oh um.. i like you too.
m; really?
y/n; yeah.
m; oh so that means that we’re together?
y/n; yes.
marcel leans in and kissed you and you kissed back (if that makes sense) luis was looking for you until he saw that you and marcel were making out..
to be continued.

admin friday with samantha🍒 (@bb.looney)
part one; me
part two; samantha (@bb.looney)

chapter 19;
you decided to put your phone away and spend time with luis. you were starting to get sleepy so you fell asleep on luis shoulder.
the next day;
you woke up and got dressed into swipe 1x and just let your hair down. while luis was getting ready you decided to make breakfast before going to school.
at school;
you were at first period and a random boy gave you a note, you opened the note and it said..
?; meet me at lunch.
you were wondering who it was..
you were getting you lunch, when you were done getting your lunch you sat down at your table and waited for the person that gave you the note. you saw him and it was..
to be continued

had to repost it because the other one got deleted :(
[my ship 🚢]
[thats me btw]
credit; @alwayslooney ily.

chapter 18;
you guys decided to go to your room and went live until your ex @iitsangell joined your live. you noticed that he was in your live so you decided to tell your fans to send you & luis some dares to do, to make him feel jealous.
y/n; @istany/n said “i dare you to make out with luis.” you both started looking at each other then luis leaned in and started to kiss you.
angels POV;
i joined y/ns live until i saw her and some random boy making out with her. i started to get jealous so i decided to leave the live and text her.
end of angels POV.
back to y/ns POV;
when me & luis were done making out i saw that my ex angel texted me. i ended the live and went straight on the text (if that makes sense)
angel = a
a; wtf was that?
y/n; what you talking about?
a; the guy that you were making out with?
y/n; that’s my boyfriend?
a; wtf you cheated on me with that asshole?
y/n; he’s not an asshole, in fact you were the one that cheated on me.
a; i was drunk.
y/n yea sure.
y/n idc anymore bye.
luis noticed that you were too attached to your phone so he decided to check on you.
l; everything alright?
y/n; no.
l; what happened?
y/n; you know my ex angel?
l; yeah.. what about him?
y/n; he joined my live and saw me & you making out and now he’s stalking me.
l; just ignore it, nothings gonna happen.
y/n; okay.
you decided to put your phone away and spend time with luis..
to be continued

chapter 17;
as soon as the person walked into your room it was elizabeth.
y/n; wtf are you doing here?
e; i wanted to say sorry..
y/n; why? you tried to torture me and now your gonna say sorry.
e; i-i was just so fucking stupid. i just wanted to act like i was tough.
y/n; hmm yea sure.
e; im serious!
y/n; you think i can believe you bitch.
e; ill just go..
elizabeth left cause she was scared of you.
the next day;
the doctor said that you can go home, luis came to pick you up and took you home.
l; bebe?
y/n; yea?
l; why did you cut yourself?
y/n; i-i cut myself because, i was just mad at you at the party. you fucked with your ex an-
luis interrupted you by kissing you.
l; i was drunk and i was dumb.
y/n; yea i know.
you went to your room and decided to go live with luis until your..
to be continued :)

chapter 16;
luis POV;
as soon as got to y/ns house my heart stopped, i couldn’t believe that y/n did that. i called the ambulance and they took y/n.
hours later;
it’s been hours and the doctors hasn’t come out which made me nervous. when i was waiting for the doctor to come out i saw jordan with my cousin brian.
j; hey.
l; hey.
b; how’s y/n?
l; idk the doctor hasn’t come out yet.
j; oh ok.
the doctor came out and said that you were not in a good condition because you cut yourself pretty bad.
few months later;
you still in the hospital doing better now. the doctor came to the room and said that someone was here to see you. you thought that it was luis or any of the boys, as soon as that person came inside your room it was...
to be continued :)

chapter 15;
y/n POV;
i was using the bathroom until i heard a noise coming from a room. i decided to check who was in the room and i saw luis and elizabeth having $ex.. i closed the door and left.
the next day;
luis POV;
i woke up and had a headache. i turned around and saw elizabeth in the bed with only a bra on. then i realized that i had $ex with ELIZABETH MY EX! i got dressed and went to y/n house.
y/n POV;
i heard a knock on the door and i decided to open it. when i opened the door i saw luis..
y/n; what do you want
l; i wanted to say sorry.. about yesterday.
y/n; you think i can forgive you that easy? im sorry luis but i can’t forgive of what you did yesterday with your ex..
you slammed the door at luis and ran to your room.
few hours later;
still y/n POV;
i kept getting calls from luis but i ignored them. then i saw a razor in my bathroom so i decided to cut myself.
luis POV;
i kept calling y/n but she didn’t answer so i decided to leave her.. until i had a bad feeling that y/n might hurt herself.. i decided to check on y/n to see if she was okay until her mom texted me on her phone,
your mom = m
m; hi this is y/n mom i just want to say that.. y/n cut herself and shes bleeding a lot.
l; ok im on my way.
i rushed to y/n house, as soon as i saw y/n my heart stopped. i couldn’t believe that y/n did this..
to be continued

chapter 14;
you guys went to the party and saw elizabeth with her friend desiree.
e; oh look who it is, luis and y/n.
y/n; get the fuck out if you gonna start.
e: whatever.
elizabeth and her friend desiree left.
few hours later;
luis was drunk but you didn’t drink much. luis wanted to take you somewhere private, so he grabbed a random girls hand thinking it was you but it wasn’t.. it was elizabeth who was drunk as well.
y/n POV;
i was using the bathroom until i heard a noise coming from a room. i decided to check who was in the room and i saw...
to be continued

chapter 13;
you guys were watching tv until luis phone rings.
text convo;
e; hey baby.
l; im not your baby anymore.
e; yes you are!
l; no im not! i already have someone else.
e; how could you! cheating on me for some bitch!
l; y/n is not a bitch, you are.
e; oh really. i need a favor from you.
l; no.
e; fine if you don’t do it then ill kill your girlfriend.
l; no!
e; then do me a favor.
l; ok fine.
e; ok. the favor is that you have to break up with y/n and be with me.
l; wtf is wrong with you!
e; im gonna kill y/n.
l; ok ok.
e; tick tock.. you don’t have that much time.
end of text convo;
luis started to cry.
y/n; bebe what’s wrong?
l; *sniffles* you remember my ex elizabeth?
y/n; yea.. what about her?
l; she told me to break up with you.. but if i don’t do it she will kill you.
y/n; nobody is gonna kill me, she’s just saying that because she wants you to be scared.
l; ok..
y/n; let’s go to bed.
l; ok.
you guys went to bed.
the next day;
you & luis got an invitation to onas party, so you guys decided to go.
you guys went to the party and saw..
to be continued..

chapter 12;
luis POV;
i got scared that i thought i might lose y/n..
few weeks later;
you started to get to know luis better and you guys started dating again.
l; bebe?
y/n; yea?
l; nothing.
y/n; tell me!
l; ok fine, when we was at the hospital.. you didn’t know who i was?
y/n; no. it must of been the coma.
l; oh ok. anyways wanna do something?
y/n; sure. but what can we do?
l; we can go to the park?
y/n; ok.
you guys got dressed and went to the park, as soon as you went to the park you guys sat on a bench and started to look at the sky.
l; beautiful right?
y/n; yea.
l; can i ask you something?
y/n; yea sure.
l; i love you y/n like more than anythi-
you cut him by kissing him, few minutes it started to make a make out session. when you were done making out you decided to go home and watch tv. when you guys was watching tv you heard luis phone ring..
to be continued:)
this is boring bye -

chapter 11;
the next day;
luis went to the hospital and saw jordan.
l; what the hell are you doing here?
j; i escaped to see y/n..
l; get the hell out, this is all your fault for doing this!
j; im not!
l; yes you are!
the doctor came out because he heard luis and jordan arguing.
d; please keep it down, we need some quiet.
l; ok sorry.
one hour later;
the doctor came out and said,
d; y/n is ready to leave the hospital.
l; really?
d; yes, you can start getting her ready.
l; ok.
luis went to the room that you were in.
l; hey.
y/n; hey? who are you..?
l; im luis.. your boyfriend..
y/n; no..im with jordan.
l; no your not, your with me.
y/n; no im not.
luis POV;
something must of happen with the coma, that’s why she don’t know who i am. i have to do something about it.
i went to the doctor and said what happened to y/n and he said that after when your done with the coma some people won’t recognize you. i got so scared that i thought that i might lose y/n..
to be continued.

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