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Ryan Callis  Artist, lover, surf man, dad, Jesus stokeder onner. I am also conductor and road manager of the Look Up Gospel Choir.


Crashing wave painting, acrylic on paper.

Wave painting, acrylic and pastel on paper.

@jason_vass gallery, March 4, mi padre @dancallisart is showing new work in Los Angs. Be there or be a ▪️.

Wave ballet, water molecule structure, driven by wind gymnastics. Acrylic on paper...

Thick and heavy wave. Surf is getting big out there....storm is a brewin'...acrylic on paper.

Chocolate, stormy waves of winter 2017 vibes. Waves so full of mystery bacteria it makes the ears ache just thinking about it. But cool to behold... acrylic on paper...#brownsharks #hep-a-b-and-c

Oh my, another wavering wave waving atcha. Acrylic on paper...#ojaihotelbathroom #brownwaterpersuasion #saint

Wave. Looking into the dark vortex...acrylic on paper.

Can't stop painting abstracted wave structures...waves are moving masses on stacked water molecules doing odd, crunchy , dance moves...acrylic on paper

Early morning left hander wave in after rain brown poo water with sunrise reflection as morning sun rises under the cloud cover. It happened...acrylic on paper