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Chi Vo 

••• Life is beautiful. To find YOUR life’s beauty, just show up ••• 💚💚💚.
Recently, I found myself doing things I never thought I’d be doing. Case in point, the story of this staircase... If you told me 3 months ago, that I’d get up at 7am, ride the bus for an hour to go for a run at the Botanic Gardens to get my sweat on, I would wheeze out a laughter and promptly move the conversation along. Yet, there I was, just yesterday morning, showing up and doing the “impossible”. That’s how I chanced upon this fairytale staircase!
Yep. I 100% do not recognise myself lately. I’ve become a morning AND active person! This is astonishing if you knew that I have had fibromyalgia for the past 4 years (go ahead & Google that bag of delight), and lived a very different sort of life prior.
I am now active 5 days a week; running 12km in the jungle or powering my way through the treadmill, elliptical and cycling machine; swimming 10 laps a day on the regular; powering through sets of sun salutations; counting down 200 push ups on arms day; and getting tanned beyond recognition as I chalk up countless hours under the sun. Not only that, everyday, I get on the mat and meditate.
A lot can change in a relatively short time. When I look at the life I am now living, and the shell of the person I used to be, I can’t help but want to slap myself hard to grasp the transformation I’ve undertaken!
Don’t EVER buy into the disempowering narrative your mind feeds you about being weak, hopeless and defeated. No matter where you are, who you are, and what you’ve been through in life — I am here today, to tell you, you are the CHANGE you’ve been waiting for.
I look forward to sharing more of the beauty I am blessed with in my now abundant life. And truth is, it all happened from the inside out! So... I invite you, whoever you are reading this long-ass caption to show up whenever Life tosses you an opportunity for expansion.
In 2016, I hit rock bottom in my Life.
I felt I lost everything. Now it’s October 2017, I’m here to tell the world, I’m here to tell you:
•Your pains are your greatest strengths.
•Your life’s beauty awaits your discovery.
•Just show up!
💚🙏🏻 LG

I have fallen in reverent love with the beauty of Life. This creamy egg yolk sunrise on a velveteen sky, marking a new day brimming with possibilities in this beautiful country I have called Home in recent years, and the sheer pleasure of being alive, took my breath away... How far I have come from a year ago... I quietly took in the splendour of that moment, and counted my blessings with humbled gratitude.

My story begins today anew.

Sometimes, I forget what an incredible place Singapore is.... @fullertonbayhotel

The unbearable lightness of being ••• Enjoy all the tender moments in your life, for they only come by once, in all their breathtaking fragility & beauty.

Maldives •••

Sweet Jennifer. She is a prem-baby, but already shows she is a fighter!

It was nice to see Saigon from 52 floors up. Enjoyed delicious drinks and great views here on my recent trip to HCM city #saigon #vietnam

The sun sets on another day. The weekend was magic! I hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend, too! 😄

Hey everyone, I wanted to show off this picture my friend Josiah took of me while we were out photo-walking and exploring Singapore together yesterday. It is hard to believe that he has never really had an interest in photographing, and that this was the first time he has 'applied effort' and spent more time than usual on snaps -- his natural eye for composition is amazing, and I have to admit his shots from the day far outshine my efforts. It is amazing what we all have within us, if we have the right people to tap into it and encourage our talent. If you like it, do come give him support @josiahtan_ . I look forward to seeing more of his photographs and watch his talent unfold! 😄

My first photowalk with friends in Singapore. So fun!!

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