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Chi Vo 

Sometimes, I forget what an incredible place Singapore is.... @fullertonbayhotel

The unbearable lightness of being ••• Enjoy all the tender moments in your life, for they only come by once, in all their breathtaking fragility & beauty.

Maldives •••

Sweet Jennifer. She is a prem-baby, but already shows she is a fighter!

It was nice to see Saigon from 52 floors up. Enjoyed delicious drinks and great views here on my recent trip to HCM city #saigon #vietnam

The sun sets on another day. The weekend was magic! I hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend, too! 😄

Hey everyone, I wanted to show off this picture my friend Josiah took of me while we were out photo-walking and exploring Singapore together yesterday. It is hard to believe that he has never really had an interest in photographing, and that this was the first time he has 'applied effort' and spent more time than usual on snaps -- his natural eye for composition is amazing, and I have to admit his shots from the day far outshine my efforts. It is amazing what we all have within us, if we have the right people to tap into it and encourage our talent. If you like it, do come give him support @josiahtan_ . I look forward to seeing more of his photographs and watch his talent unfold! 😄

My first photowalk with friends in Singapore. So fun!!

Another good memory from my recent holiday in Vietnam's beautiful Ha Long Bay. What a blissful & special experience it was 😊 #vietnam #halongbay

I would like to thank everyone for enjoying my pictures, and giving me great encouragement through liking & taking time to comment. It bewilders me that after such a long break, I still have friends across the globe (new & old) who take the time to view my photos. My random luck many years back have given me the unmerited exposure to so many of you, and I am constantly humbled by your friendship and warmth. 😊

I do try to check out your talents & stories -- but I know I miss out on many. Please leave a comment and tell me a little about you -- I would love to get to know you guys better, and to come visit & share with you your stories and pictures, too. Once again, thanks for being an awesome and uplifting community!

Wishing all a blessed week!

Driving range #sentosa #singapore #golf

One of my favourites from Bangkok #bangkok

It's time for the reveal... What I posted earlier was an upside-down view of incense spirals/coils.
These incense coils are very popular in the East, and are often spotted in our temples and shrines - favoured because they are much longer than your typical incense sticks (therefore allowing much longer burning times), and they can be hung on the ceiling thereby freeing up space on ground level for worshippers. If used correctly, one coil can burn for hours or even days at a time.
This was taken at Thien Mau temple in the Cho Lon area of HCM city (formerly Saigon). The tour guide explained that you can come to the temple, purchase one of these coils and have your name & that of your significant other's scribed onto a pink joss paper -- and have it suspended and burning from the ceiling. One coil should bring you auspicious circumstances for up to a week --- after that, if you want fortunes to continue shining, you will need to make a return trip and get yourself some more luck! 😄😂

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