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  ◕‿◕ Share me maybe? I love all the boys! Directioner! 4 british boys and 1 irish lad! One band, One dream, One Direction! Not all angels have wings!!!

Harry's surprise - part 4 / the last part
The boys walk over to you and Louis takes Darcy out of your arms so you could hug Harry properly, Harry kisses you tenderly on the lips and Darcy shouts “YUCK!! MUMMY AND DADDY THAT IS YUCK!!” Louis and Liam agree with her, everyone couldn’t help but laugh. Harry looks you and the eye and says “how did you get here?” You laugh and look at Zayn “I called in a favour!” Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis go back to rehearsing while you watched and Darcy played…

Harry's surprise - part 3
After about 20 minutes Zayn texts you saying “yes you can come and I managed to get them to agree up until the end of Christmas which is about a month!!” You call the taxi company to send a taxi for 3 o’clock which means you have an hour and half to get packed and ready. At 3 o’clock the taxi turns up and the driver helps you load all yours and Darcy’s stuff into the car. You strap Darcy into her seat and you begin the journey to London. You arrive at the concert ground and you pay the taxi driver and he helps you unload all of yours and Darcy’s stuff. You take hold of Darcy’s hand you grab all the bags with the other, you walk over to the private entrance and meet Paul who helps you with some of the bags, he takes you to a room to put all of your stuff, all the boys’ stuff was there. Once all your stuff was in the room you pick up Darcy and walk towards the stage, you tell Darcy to be quiet until you were loud. You both very quietly walk down the stairs to some random seats near the front, luckily Harry didn’t notice. The boys started singing you and I , so you pick Darcy up and you stand up cheering loudly, Harry’s eyes snap over to you and Darcy to and runs down the stage stairs and straight to you, He pulls you and Darcy into a tight hug.

Harry's surprise - part 2
You gently tap her on the shoulder and say “time to wake up princess, I have a surprise for you” Darcy jumps out of bed and into your arms, you carry her to the laptop and he sees Harry and shouts “DADDDDDYYYYY!!!!!!” A huge smile appeared on hers and Harry’s face. You sat down and pulled Darcy on your lap, Harry and Darcy sit there chatting while you try to hide the sadness from them. After a while Harry says to you and Darcy “ I love you two soo much but I have to go rehearse for later, I while talk to you tomorrow, Bye I love and miss you two!!” he lifts his hand up and blows you and Darcy kisses and then hangs up. Darcy jumps off your lap and turns the tv on, you stay by the laptop thinking when you have an idea so you pull out you phone to ring Zayn and he picks up “Hello, you alright?” You quickly check that Darcy isn’t around before you answered him “Hey Zayn I’m fine thank you, I rang because I need to ask a favour from you and the guys” he says “yeah sure anything, what do you need?” you take a deep breath and the say “Harry just told me he can’t come home next week so I was wondering if you could talk to management about me and Darce coming and staying with you guys for a while?” Zayn answers you straight away with “yeah sure anything that will help you and Darce, I will ask them and text you within the hour, okay?” You hopefully say “thank you soo much Zayn it will mean so much to us and him! Text me once you know if we can or not” Zayn hangs up and you pick Darcy up and takes her into yours and Harry’s room and turns the tv on for her while you begin packing your and her bags.

Harry's surprise -part 1
Harry is on tour so it is just you and Darcy. You try to keep her busy so she won’t get too upset that Harry isn’t there. “Darcy time to go now princess!” you call over to her and she comes running up to you “okay mummy I’m ready!” You pick her up and carry her over to the car, you strap her into her seat and you go get into the front and drive home with Darcy merrily singing along to what makes you beautiful. You arrive at home, you climb out of the car and walk round to get Darcy out, you put her down and she runs to the front door. You unlock the door and pick Darcy up and say “do you want a cookie before your nap?” she nods her head so you both go to the kitchen and you take the biscuit tin from the shelf and let Darcy pick one. You put her down and she runs off, you sigh and put the lid on the tin before putting it back on the self. Once Darcy had finished her cookie you tuck her in bed for her nap and kiss her on her head before shutting the door slightly. You decide to see if could skype Harry, so you go over to laptop and log into skype and click on the call button next to Harry’s icon, within the second of pressing call Harry answers the call. After a while of chatting Harry says I have to tell you something babe his face had a really sad look on it “well babe you know I was meant to be coming home on Friday for a week, well I can’t some bloody idiot has booked us in for 3 interviews that week and there is no way I can miss it or change it…” he trailed off because he saw you had begun to cry, you didn’t know what to do or say because the thought of him coming home had been the thing you and Darcy had been looking forward to for weeks. You wipe your tears to say “it’s okay baby I know you can’t miss it so maybe we could reschedule you coming home but at another time because I have to go wake Darce up from her nap and she wants to talk to you…” You stand up, make yourself look like you hadn’t been crying and walked to wake Darcy up.

A picture is worth a thousand words! #harrystyles #camera #photography #onedirection #cute #lovehim

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