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Creamy lentil dhall salad💚💛❤. A very satisfying meal! the recipe is on my blog, follow the web link in my bio then click on blog in the drop menu x

Breakfast in the infrared sauna 😊 Burcha topped chocolate thick shake! I just did a quick blog post sharing some photos of my new favourite chocolate thick shake smoothie along with the Burcha 'TOPPER' recipe, follow the link on my profile x Have a good day/ night everyone🌜

More about gluten /overly processed food and what it does to me - THIS PHOTO IS 3 DAYS APART! The left photo is a result of 4 days eating 'normal' gluten (vegan) foods and the right photo is 3 days after stopping the foods and detoxing. I did this test on myself for 4 days of eating 'normal' gluten containing vegan foods. I ate wheat bread, mock-meats, cereals, pasta, vegemite, regular peanut butter, regular tomato sauce, which all contain some type of gluten. I also switched my Celtic seas salt (which contains 83 minerals) to table salt (2 concentrated minerals) and regular tap water instead of filtered. This was the result after 4 DAYS! I was in physical pain from my body aching all over, the bloating and because my clothes were so tight from the added water retention and inflammation of my ceIls, I slept terribly (woke up what felt like all night long during this test, gluten is a potential neurotoxin), I ended up with perioral dermatitis around my chin and nose area (which il share in the next post) and my mind was very depressed. Feeling this way reminded me of how I used to feel before I transitioned to a healthy lifestyle, that constant ache. I felt server lack of motivation. I also craved more and more of these foods the more I ate them, even when I was eating a current meal I was thinking about what was next! and I didn't want or feel like fresh produce like salads and fruit- AT ALL. Which was really disturbing. For me, gluten/ overly processed food takes over my mind and body. This is why I choose to eat the way I do now. It is not worth it for me to go back to that way of eating and now you can see why. x

Burcha topped smoothies are my every day lately! LOVING THEM💚 although I have slightly altered my Superfood Burcha mix for the ‘smoothie topper’ to be without sunflower and flax seeds for better digestion and to be easier on the teeth. For me, Flax and sunflower seeds can be very hard on my teeth and belly when not soaked (activated). I'm also having a break from cacao nibs atm because I tend to get a bit overstimulated by them if I eat too many. x

My skin hasn’t always been like this nor does it always look like this. Some days I might still get a pimple or blackheads or tired dehydrated skin, sometimes my deeper acne scar redness comes out and looks like acne from a distance on super cold days. I have this redness around my nose that has been with me since I was a kid, It’s subtle but some days it can be more red depending on what I eat. One thing that I finally completely gave up in Feb this year is Gluten! I found that Gluten was the biggest contributing factor in my skin issues. Since giving it up I have had no more hectic breakouts of acne, no more perioral dermatitis and no more dark circles. My skin overall has been more consistently clear over the past 5 months. And that’s just the skin benefits of giving up gluten. I will touch on why gluten can cause so many different skin issues in another post soon 🌈 what is something you have changed that has drastically improved your skin?, your comment might help others suffering x

Plastic is very handy stuff, that is no lie but it’s got to the point that it is far overused for our convenience too often. The fact that every bit of plastic that has ever been made is still on this earth and will be for at least another 1000-10,000 years is devastating. Let's have a little more respect for our Mother Earth and show her that we are changing our ways.
⭐Keep baskets and reusable bags in your car/ handbag always.
⭐Raise your awareness of plastic packaging when buying things, now this just will open your eyes and you will quickly realise that just about everything comes with plastic attached :( but have hope and seek alternative options where possible or buy the product and email their customer service and ask if they could look into eco packaging. "Awareness is the first step to making any lasting change"
⭐If the store staff automatically put your items in a bag and you don’t need one, ask them not to worry about it
⭐keep a cutlery set in your bag (including a metal, bamboo or glass straw) wrap them up in a fabric napkin. You won't always remember to use it and someones you cant change what others do (like if your drink comes with a plastic straw, just remember next time to order it without the straw and make effort to at least recycle it)
⭐Ignore what anyone else thinks. BE THE CHANGE.
⭐Do your best but don’t beat yourself when you can’t go completely plastic free, it's actually very hard. Take one step at a time.
⭐Invest in a good glass or BPA free plastic bottle that you can use time and time over
⭐Research what plastic chemicals do to your body and the negative impact it has on your hormones
⭐Do a weekly shop in the bulk food stores and your local farmer's markets, take your own bags and baskets
⭐Type in plastic pollution in google images and lock those images into your mind.
⭐Recycled plastic is good for some packaging and products, considering that all the plastic that has ever been made is still on this earth it only seems smart to at-lest reuse it.
⭐Get creative and make your own meals at home with produce that comes straight from the ground and trees
🌈Happy plastic free July (and eternity hopeful

💙Come and check out what we get up to at our local shopping centre @robinatowncentre and their amazing @thekitchensrobina which has lots of yummy plant-based food and a snazzy new rainforest play area for the kiddos😀🐝🌴💫. Click the link in my bio to see lots of photos and what we buy while we go shopping x

Winter kitchen vibes🔥✨💥💛🍌 'FIRE CIDER' INFO AND RECIPE IS NOW ON THE BLOG! Boost your winter immunity and help prevent getting the common cold and flu! click the link in my bio or visit feelthelean.com/blog x

🍫⭐Chocolate smoothie topped with Superfood Burcha! ⭐🍫 Burcha topped smoothies are my new thang ❤ It makes the smoothie just that little extra filling so I don't have to think about eating again for at least another 4 hours. It's taken the smoothie game to a whole new level! If you interested to make my Superfood Burcha mix the recipe is on my blog Feelthelean.com or click the link in my bio x

🐝SAUNA rituals. Sweat, stretch, meditate, give my skin some love, detox and nourish. I'm normally naked in the sauna but I thought I should put a pair of bikinis on today so I could get an 'appropriate' Instagram pic haha @zuluandzephyr

Motherhood is moulding your own hip and spine into a custom made a seat, just for them. x

"The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be"– Marcel Pagnol

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