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Your body hears everything your mind says. - Naomi Judd.
🍄🐍Post #infraredsauna mood🐍🍄

Beach snacks done right. no plastic waste, simple to prepare, easy to eat, hydrating, sweet and satisfying. Watermelon and Passionfruit for the win every single time!✨🍉 Someone once said to me after they received my Ebook that they were disappointed because a 'recipe' that calls for just watermelon smeared with passionfruit isn't as actual recipe!? I told them to look at the thousands of people who now eat watermelon with passionfruit because I made it into one, or to just taste it for themselves before judging.... Because the Taste is just Amazingly good and the two combined are just magic together. I never did get a reply from them haha. Does a recipe creation have to be a certain amount of ingredients to be called a recipe? What else can I call it? And because it's in my ebook it's an ought all the other recipes and tips so how can I not call it a recipe haha. the more simple and easy a recipe is to prepare without cutting back on taste and satisfaction is an absolute win for me😃 and the easier it is to whip up the more people will actually make it, enjoy it and make it again and again, that to me is a successful recipe!. Good homemade food doesn't have to be complicated. #feelthelean

The spoon says what my mind says every single time I scoop into a juicy watermelon😍🍉...

Sundays are for rainbows vibes, a tonne of good produce + food and meal prep! I love feeling organised and ready for the busy week ahead. If I know l have good food ready to go while I'm busy I handle the stress and day to day jobs much better than if I wasn't organised and had to spend hours in the kitchen to whip up meals. I dont do the meal in a plastic container ready for the microwave thing, I whip up fresh meals in 5-15mins - max usually 30 minutes each time. I no longer have the time to be in the kitchen taking my time figuring out what to make and make it look pretty like I did before I had kids, mum life with young ones it is all about get in get it done and enjoy the meal! A little prep does go along way. Dedicate at least 1/2 a day to gathering and food prep like washing and storing greens like lettuce, kale and celery (I dice it up ready to go for salads, Rowdy's plates, curries, stirfrys, soups etc) washing and storing produce like berries, cut up and store melons, wash all produce so it's good to grab to use or eat. I soak my nuts and seeds on a Saturday ready to make things like cashew cheese, sprouts, a salad dressing, mayo, rawberry jam or almond milk on a sunday (i don't make all of this every week I rotate things so it don't get bored). I Make a fresh batch of Rawnola and Superfood Burcha aswell. It might sound like alot but when you get the hang of it and stick to the same staple foods your set for the enitre week! no worrying about going to the store after work every day. After a Sunday prep I know I have everything I need to whip up a delish meal such as stir-fries, noodles, salads, curries, rawnola cereal, chocy gf granola, soaked burcha, smoothie bowls, sandwiches, toast, never-ending brown rice cracker options, cashew cheese on anything! potatoes a million ways, sprouts on everything, budda bowls, steam veg, stick hummus, rice paper rolls, juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls, lentil dhal, porridge, loads of fruit, frozen berries, spagetti bolognese, soups, fried rice, bliss balls, gaucamole, acai bowls, overnight oats, mexi bowls + so much more. No boring meals here. Whats your favourite day to gather and prep? #foodprep

Those Superfood Burcha layers! 😍 a very versatile staple recipe for every household! Do you want your digestion to be 👌 and your energy to be 👌 and your cravings to be 👇 this is something you need to invest your time into making🌟 The recipe is on my blog, link in bio x

This past month I celebrated 5 YEARS OF BEING VEGAN 😊 If you told me back then that salads would be orgasmic and I would crave and eat them in family portions sizes to myself I would have laughed in your face while probably eating McDonald's and drinking a jack daniels (because that's what once made me happy😅). Becoming vegan has taken me on the greatest surprising journey, now I'm truly living my passion, work from home Mum, sharing my journey and knowledge to so many, I have pure awareness and appreciation for 'life', true compassion for all beings, meeting my dream man, raising our children in the mountains in our family home (our sanctuary😍), constantly creating, learning and evolving, its sure is a huge turnaround from the person I once was, I was never a bad person I was just stuck in the 'grind' and had many addictions to substances and food that were feeding my unhappiness. I feel I have a purpose now. Tiny decisions...such as a yes or no..these take us to exactly where we should be, good or bad there is always a lesson to learn that we can grow and move forward from. Making the choice to go plant-based was one of the best choices Iv ever made, hands down. Its created a huge positive ripple effect on my life that just keeps getting better.💚 QUESTION! If you have switched to a Plant-based lifestyle, can you tell me how it has positively affected your life? #plantbased #vegan #feelthelean

🌟BLACK 👀D E T O X👀 SMOOTHIE🌟. If you watch my Instagram stories you may have seen that I have been consuming these Black Detox Smoothies during my Infrared sauna sessions, and I do this for many reasons. 1) It is one of the best ways to rid toxins from the body! The charcoal is a highly adsorbent material that traps poisons, heavy metals, chemicals, and intestinal gases in its millions of tiny pores. 2) It's a gentle but very effective detox protocol. 3) It is made from organic coconut fibers/shells 4) It strengthens the adrenals, kidneys, and liver. 5) great for balancing hormones. 🌟 And here are some fun facts about #ActivatedCharcoal - it is effectively used in hospitals for treating poisoning and drug overdoses (in large dose) It's in nearly every type of filter system, water or air. Its the main filter in a gas mask. This stuff is legit!!.. fun warning - your 💩 will turn black👽 So get onto the charcoal smoothies and get those toxins out of your body. see below for the recipe.
-2 BANANAS frozen or fresh
- 2 cups of WATER
Blend using a highspeed blender until smooth, drink immediately. You will need to drink twice as much water after this to help flush the body to aid the detox process and to keep hydrated. Another note- keep charcoal intake away from supplements and medication. Some people say it absorbs nutrients from your food although I haven't found any studies on exactly what kinds of vitamins and minerals might be affected by activated charcoal, for the moment I feel as though keeping this smoothie simple with a few ingredients your pretty safe and this drink isn't designed to be consumed every day it's only for every now and then. Iv designed the recipe this way so people can intake charcoal easily and reap the benefits of it. Unless you want to just mix it with water... which you probably won't. I also want to talk about my #infraredsauna but I'll save that for another post hehe so much much info to share...ask me questions below about the sauna or charcoal😊

My Little helpers or you could say, hungry spectators. I just want to say huge THANKS to everyone who follows me and who have supported us over the past few years while sharing our lives on social media, your support and kindness is forever felt and appreciated. It's not always easy and I have many down days when sharing to the world, as it comes with many peoples opinions whether I like to hear them or not and its a foreign thing to process, judgment from others who you dont know or love you. But it's cool I know it comes with the lifestyle now. In the past couple of years, I have been sensitive about what I share beacuse I just cant be bothered with the judgment and Iv been busy being a new Mum (still a busy Mum but I am getting the hang of this Mum thing now haha). I know who I am and what I stand for so from this day forward there is no more holding back, say what you will but I know im doing the best thing I can for my family by focusing on our health. Sending some big ass hugs all of you who follow me, like my photos and reach out to me, thank you x

Beautiful Rowdy. I have had many comments since rowdy got glasses.. "your so healthy but your kid has glasses?" "he has glasses cause he is vegan and must be deficient!" in what? dead animals and puss?. so what should I ask the non vegan parent that has a child who has glasses?... "maybe it was all the kale you wern't feeding them? Maybe cause you didn't breast feed? come on, we have to realise that there are so many underlying factors to why issues can arise within the body. As humans in the day and age we are exposed to extreme chemicals and diseases/ viruses no matter if we are 'healthy' or not. I have done extensive research into why this happened and one major factor Iv found is that in the past before I had Rowdy I had a severe case of CMV virus that is linked to eye problems in children when transferred from mother to baby during pregnancy. Among many other things that it could have been which is just so much to write in one caption. Do people realise that we are human beings! with hearts, feelings..Rowdy is an innocent child and he loves himself just the way he is, as do we. I have had hard times myself coming to terms with Rowdy needing glasses, I can't figure everything out. In time and research maybe we can find a way to fix his eye turn but during the process we live learn and love.

Chewy RAWNOLA and RAWBERRY JAM Smoothie bowls are just 😋
The recipes are in my #feelthelean 2.0 Ebook 🌸

I love changing up staple foods to make them taste different! add differetnt flavours with fruits that are in season, different plant based milks and toppings 🌟 currently loving manderins with everything... so juicy! This bowl is layers of Soaked superfood Burcha, Rawnola, Madi, blueberries, crushed raspberries,mango coconut yogurt with coco quench milk. An easy meal to whip up and also great to layer in a jar to grab and go to work or school with, just add the milk later if you wish or have its all soaked in a jar together as a creamy porridge. The options are endless 👌

Make a family size salad.... eat the entire thing for yourself!. Now, thats my kind of meal! ✨❤ #whatveganseat
.Handmade bowl by @kinfolkandco from @gather.store

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