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This is what a self love lunch break looks like for me✨ infrared sauna, smoothie, essential oils, Gua Sha, skin cleaning, lymphatic drainage, exercise, stretching, deep breathing, mediation, music therapy and a lot of gratitude. All in a 30 minute lunch break👌🏼 now it’s time to get back to work and finish writing this epic book! X swim suit by @tropicofc .Sauna is a yoga sanctuary by @clearlightsaunas

Polly is TWO!!!! Blows my mind. Polly Was so excited for her birthday she made her own wrapping paper! hehe 🤣 well she wasn’t aware at the time she was painting it but she sure was so happy when she saw her presents wrapped up in it the next day 🌈✨

Didn’t mean to upload two at once but hey I’ll go with it.. considering I didn’t post for 3 weeks I guess I can get away with it haha. Im going to post more during the next week, I’ll dedicate a little bit of time to putting posts up 😘 anything in particular you want me to share or to learn about? X

Life has been so sweet since you came into the world Polly. Happy 2nd birthday, we love you. ❤ (mouth full of chocolate trying to blow out her candles lol)
Thanks for the pic ⭐️ @becstar_artist

Woke up at 10am (that has'nt happened in over 5 years... yes, that's becuase I'v been sleep deprived for 5 yers solid) slept out under the stars and full moon, which also hasnt happend for a long time. Now Im Soaking up the sun after a cold morning dip and mud scrub💖. Im actually so at ease and able to close my eyes for a minute not having to hold two kids above the water or fall down an enbankment hehe I miss them though, but ahhhh so relaxo. Thinking of all the Mums out there who need a well deserved night off x

Spent the night here! next to the birthday girl, by the river, under the gum trees, beneath the fullmoon and his sparkly friends. You are a star my girl, 15 years of memories together under our wings, Im excited for the next 15! How good is camping!!! it such a part of my soul x

My kind of Camping dinner! Choc Rawnola, vanilla chia pudding, fresh berries and almond mylk 😋 Shared with my beaut sister🔥 The last time I camped at the Murray River I ate sausages in bread for dinner and washed it down with a bottle of southern comfort. Time changes us, time evolves us, time heals us. Instead of washing it down with alcohol I washed it down with mineral enritched water and mary J shared with friends by the fire 🌝haha (although I did buy a bottle of red wine but didnt even feel like it and gave it to a friend instead). Wouldnt have had it any other way💫 (ps. Loving that you all want to see more of my travel details, I’ll put the blog together over the weekend!) x

Traveling solo for a weekend🌻. With one little bag.

All the essentials to keep me healthy, hydrated, smelling good, ready for a swim at any time, prepared to be wastefree as much as possible, stay warm, capture lots of memories, and hey so much lighter than travelling with kids!. Would you like to see a blog post with more details about how I travel? x

1 cup of almonds
1 tsp Vanilla extract
1 pitted Medjool date
1 Tbs Blue Spirulina (from @thesourcebulkfoods )
The almond milk will store in tight sealed glass jar/bottle in the fridge for around 5 days.
Place your almonds in a glass jar and top it with water, let the almonds soak for 12- 24 hours. By soaking them it releases the protein inhibitor and makes the almonds much easier for us to digest and absorb its nutrients that it has on offer. And you get a better creamier mylk.
After soaking the almonds, rinse them well with fresh water then place the clean almonds in a high speed blender with 1 litre / 1000mls of fresh drinking water, vanilla adn blue spirulina + one pitted date.
Blend on high for 4 minutes.
Have your nut milk bag or cheesecloth ready over a large bowl
(please make sure you wash your hands well before the next step)
Pour the mixture into the nut milk bag and strain through while squeezing all the liquid out of the pulp.
Using a funnel or pouring jug, pour the milk into a glass bottle with tight seal lid and store in the fridge for up to 5 days. Pour all over Rawnola and berries for a seriously tasty meal 😘 all ingredients (except the blueberries) from @thesourcebulkfoods

Family days in the sun 🌞

When your breakfast is as dreamy as your sleep😍 Rawnola with Blue dream mylk and fresh blueberries💙 So latley I have been naturally eating breakfast around 10am, that means my body is in a fasting state (not eating) for around 12-16 hours, considering I ate dinner at 6 or 7pm. I say naturally because I have been into overnight fasting for years and am aware to give my body atleast 10 hours with out anyfood to let my body rest, * overnight fasting is natural human design that we should always pratice for optimal heath. I never wanted or thought to extended the time longer than 12 hours, but latley I've been so busy in the mornings that I'd rather wait to eat later on than rush my meal down or not eat properly. So far Iv noticed my food choices are better, well more aligned for 'fuel' instead of 'eating for pleasure', my energy and digestion are smoother, a leaner body and my immunity seems stronger too. Extending the time just that few hours has done wonderss for me, (and im not overly stricked about it either, if my last meal was 4:30pm and I feel hungry at 7am or as soon as I wake up then I will eat, or If I feel hungry after 8 hours then il eat, it really all depends on what you ate the day before if you have a small little dinner at 6pm and try push fro 16hr+ fast you will struggle, you body needs good fuel to be able to run longer without refueling. Sometimes when I get to the peak on feeling hungry I give myself another 20 -30mins, if the hungrer is still there then I will eat but If I have a big drink of water or a herbal tea and the feeling goes away then Im good for another couple of hours and dont even think about food (this is beaucse my body was just thristy rather than hungry for food) thirst and hunger can sometimes feel the same!. Im going to pratice around a bit more with it and post back about my thoughts soon :) and just so you know this has nothing to do with dieting or cutting calories, what you eat isnt really different, its the pattern of eating that changes. x

When play blends in with nature 🐣🐥🌳🍃 also can you spot the stake, wrapped tightly around the tree? its makes me think of parenthood, the stake once guiding and supporting the tree/ seedling in the early years but soon the tree outgrows the support but they are still connected. I chose to birth these humans into this world and Im here to do the best job Im capable of to raise them, these two will hopefully outgrow my life and make a posative impact on others and the earth, to show love and live their dreams. To follow and trust their intuition enough that will ultimately guide them to greatness and fullment. I Raise them along side mother earth so they respect her as much they do me. 🌏

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