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Long Way Homestead  Life as a sheep farmer,mama, unschooling, and adventures in Fibre farming in eastern Manitoba, treaty one territory. (Anna Hunter)


I’ve been a fibre farmer for all of 5 minutes....so I ask a tonne of questions, but this is blowing my mind today. This is the fleece of my shearling Claire. She is pure Shetland, and today as I was just doing mini body checks on all my ewes I pulled her fleece apart to look at the colouring and *kapow* I had no idea she had this light grey growing....is this normal for shetlands? Tell me all you know Shetland farmhers our there @mulock12 @meanderfield @lydias_flock and anyone else? #shetlandsheep #shetlandwool #fiberfarmer

I’m not sure who was more excited to see who (probably me). The flock seemed to have flourish while I was gone...and although I missed them, I appreciated the time away. After feeding a different part of my life (travel and adventure) I feel renewed and reinvigorated for things to come this spring on the farm. #letsdothis #fibrefarm #woolmill #obanismyfavourite #hesometimeslicksmyface

While driving to the Caribbean coast last week we drove past hundreds of kilometres of banana plantations - it blew our minds. I imagine driving through the Canadian prairies for the first time and seeing the endless fields of wheat. We started reading about the plantations and all the ecological devastation, deforestation, pesticide run off into rivers and the ocean, ensuing destruction to animal and marine life and the destruction of the mangrove forests....and then reading how the blue plastic bags (in pictures 2 and 3) that keep the fruit protected end up in the ocean where turtles mistake them for jellyfish and eat them. And the ‘organic’ farms are literally just as big and only a ditch away from where the non-organic ones are being sprayed. .
So we talked about what it would look like if we stopped eating bananas as a family...we try to consume local food, and food we grow ourselves, but we love bananas. So we talked about the possibility of giving them up - and I think we will try. Our food system is messed up....I got nothing more than that right now.

This guy - easily out weighs my shetlands by double. Also, biggest snuggler we have! #sheepfarm #fibrefarm

Sunna stay away from that Timothy hay.

For the next few days we are staying at an amazing AirBnB. An organic, sustainable dairy farm - with sheep and goats, chickens,rotational grazing practises, coffee and they even just made fresh cheese! I love seeing what and how other farmers are doing things, different environment, different language but same principles! #explorecostarica #sustainableag #organicdairy #iwanttogrowcoffee

As a livestock farmer you become very tied to the land, the everyday food and water needs of your animals - and I love it. It does however change the ability to just pick up and go on adventures (never mind the strange guilt that creeps in). But as a family we have always prioritized adventure, and we have been planning and dreaming of this trip ever since my oldest was 3 and discovered a love of tropical frogs! We have amazing farm-sitters which I am very grateful for. So we will enjoy every minute of being in Costa Rica. I may post the occasional picture, and still some lovely sheep photos. but if you are curious we have a personal travel account @palkafamily #adventurefam #herewego #neverstopexploring #roadschooling

It was so incredibly frosty the other day and Donnie’s face was awesome. These are the everyday joys of being a #farmher

This shawl might be the perfect example of a farm to needle project! Ash if @sunflowerknit sponsorsheeps one of my girls - Tansy with 100 grams of her wool she spun the yarn and then knit this shawl - all in time for the @pembinafibreshed launch yesterday! I can’t wait to see what other people do with their sponsorsheep wool - just a few more months to wait! #localfibre #pembinafibreshed #farmyarn #sponsorsheep

Such a positive encouraging afternoon at the launch of the Pembina Fibreshed! Great ideas and support! Here’s to more conversations on how to shift our textile economy to one that values sustainable/regenerative agriculture, local production and consumption and stronger connections between rural farmers and urban fibre artists! Thanks for the 📷 @sunflowerknit #pembinafibreshed #regenerativeag #fibershed #supportlocalfibrefarmers

Little Lottie - she always follows me just to make sure she gets first access to the best hay. #shetlandsheep #woolgrower #canadianfarm #fibrefarm

Found this picture tonight and it’s got me all excited for lambs...and green grass. #sheepfarm #fibrefarm #shepherdess #shetlandsheep

Bjorn the ram. Cotswold/merino cross. Beautiful, dense, fine wool. Mild temperament and the most perfect horns. #sheepfarm #fibrefarm #ram

There is a new blog post (link in profile)! New fingerless mitts Renfrew Pattern by @janerichmond in @swansislandyarn and farm fresh eggs!

The final blog post in our series on breeding! It’s all about the chickens. Link in profile #smallfarms #wannabehomesteader #farming #chickensofinstagram #f1

Up with the sun, it’s my favourite part of the day. The sheep all shake the sleep and snow off their bodies and are genuinely excited to see me (or the hay). #sheepfarm #fibrefarm #shetlandsheep #exploremb #smallfarmsmb #clothingsecurity

This tiny little ‘flax light’ sweater by @tincanknits is headed to a very special little babe, whose mama I think the world of! I knit it in @yarnonthehouse little sister. This is such a great pattern and the yarn is heavenly. #knitting #knittersofinstagram #woollove #babysweater

I was reading today that in the 12th century Spanish royalty was importing Rams from the Beni-Merines (a Berber tribe from current day Morocco) they crossed the rams with their ewes creating a fine-wool sheep that had not yet been seen - this significantly shifted the wool world. Tansy is merino/Cotswold, but her wool is definitely more merino....dense,fine wool,and totally beautiful. #allaboutwool #merinowool #fibrefarm #sheepfarm #longwayhomestead

Donnie needed a haircut before she came to us, but we had to wait until after the winter. I love the way the sun makes her beautiful fibre look red. #llamasofinstagram #teenagemutantninjallama

Fresh snow, Bryn the Shetland ewe and the moon....how did I end up here. #farmher #womenwhofarm #shepherdess

Breeding season is all done, and reintroducing the rams was...ummm...eventful. Bjorn was bleeding, but he gave it as hard as he took it. #ramsarecrazy #ihatetheramming #sheepfarm #fibrefarm

Finally got this guy to stand still long enough to capture the #dogstarsweater - it’s a favourite for him and me now! @tincanknits #knit #handknit #knittersofinstagram #knittingforboys

Some of my 2017 ewe lambs - almost as though they wanted to pose for a picture showing off their fleece. I am really looking forward to shearing. Still have a few months to go! #shetlandsheep #wool #woolgrower #fibrefarm #pembinafibreshed

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