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Lori Longoria  Texican | Kansas City | Sunny Days | TXST | TX Country music | Bar Method 🐶🐱 @springandnavi

How long before the cat notices...?

So regal. 👑

Long but productive day. Wine time. Is it vintage or is it old? About to find out.

My motivation to not be fat was delivered. Only it was delivered in Texas Ranger Blue. 💙Countdown to #Mexico #IslaMujeres #Cancun #quintanaroo #riveramaya #paradise

Perfect jame for this warm, perfect Saturday. #bandofheathens

Navi colored on my wall. It really is like having a furry toddler. Ignore the bad paint job.

When you leave work and it's 68 degrees out...you roll the windows down and play #rodneycrowell #reddirtcountry #ilovethesun

Kitty snuggles. 😻 @springandnavi

Happy Valentine's Day. Remember not all flowers are pet friendly. Check and make sure you keep them away from your furbabies. I'm taking this pretty bouquet to work. As of now Navi keeps pawing at the bathroom door. 😹 If you do keep them out of reach make sure you're checking for fallen leaves & petals. #ILoveMyCat #ILoveMyDog #aspca #PetCare #vday

Ice cream & scootin in February! #heaven #bliss #scooterlife #genuinescooters

You know you're old when you shop for cookware on your anniversary. 😂