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Kate  Mother/farmer. Icelandic sheep. Milking Devon cows. Ossabaw pigs. Up in the hills of central Vermont. kate@longestacres.com to talk.


The quietest time of day on the farm when the pigs are bedded down and the cows have allowed their complaints to give way to the night and one can only hear the last of the summer crickets and the murmurs of the mother hen and one tiny toddler covered in snot and avocado endlessly wailing "mama-mama-mama" from the porch. Absolute serenity.

After coffee but before breakfast, that sweet spot where one of us goes out 'just to open up the chickens' and gets sucked into 2 hours of chores. It is a numbing cacophony of pigs/birds/cows at sunrise and they tend not to let up until breakfast is served. It's important to clutch that second cuppa tightly and feed the biggest -hangriest- pigs first.

Evening rounds with Amelia on my back and Leland and the pups at my feet. Most days I feel like we are doing everything wrong and then evenings like this come along like a salve and smooth my wrinkled brow.

Ethel eating cornflakes on the porch for supper -as is her pigly right as House Pig-on one of the final evenings of summer.

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I only ever bother to look for the cows when my brain is in need of a cup of tea and my tea is in need of a splash of milk. Today I found them stashed under the very apple trees where Nick and I married 3 years ago.

The sky is falling at Longest Acres.

Surveying all the work that needs to be done before Winter and taking comfort in knowing they won't need to lift a finger. ✨ALSO giveaway with @gamine_co ends tonight so don't forget to enter. See post from last Thursday 👉.

When he gets angry with her she leans in and kisses him. Every time. It always diffuses his mood. It ends the anger. It's so simple. She doesn't get defensive, or quiet, or angry herself. She doesn't storm out of the room, or raise her voice. Certainly, we must allow for the fact that she is 1 yr but the elegance with which she meets his 4 yr old temper is humbling. I would do well to learn from such graceful pacifism.

This foggy morning walking by a garden that was long since abandoned by the mistress of the house. The brussels sprouts persisted in face of careless neglect but most everything else turned to dust or mush. The lady knew she had left about 40+years of tending to the gardens on this land and she didn't want to tire herself out with perfection so early in the game.

When I was in labor with her he sat by my side the entire time, more devoted and concentrated than even Nick. For 6 hours ( thank goodness for second children and their short labors) he paced with me or sat at my feet. And the very moment she was born he pushed his head through the crowd of midwives and licked her tiny little sticky red face and then was promptly dismissed from the room by all the Concerned. And while that might seem abjectly horrifying to some he got out of it a best friend and she a bodyguard. And that seems like a damn fine deal to me.

His unmatched (and frankly, uncontested) enthusiasm for morning chores. ALSO don't forget to enter the @gamine_co giveaway from two posts back 👉. You have until Monday! Multiple comments equal multiple entries!

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