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Happy anniversary @papinicolau !❤️✈️
"This Stephanie and that's me at the bottom. We met here on IG around the same time last year. We were skeptical on having a long distance relationship but decided to give it a shot. Since then, we were inseparable and in love with each other. We've gone through heaven and hell; had laughs and arguments but we're still here. We chose to work things out rather than setting them aside. A lot of things have changed but for the good.
Everyday, she brings out the best in me even when i doubt. I'm hoping that I do the same to her. Our lives became a little bit more challenging but at least we're both having a direction. 6992 miles from USWe're planning to meet once we're both stable. June 16 is our 1st year of being together and I wanted to celebrate it by having people know about our relationship. Stephanie, I'm broke and imperfect, and I have nothing to offer but love and happiness across the Pacific ocean, from US to PH."
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y u taking so long ^^

"My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now. We met through a mutual friend online when we were placed into a call with a bunch of people. He started inviting me to watch movies with him through different websites, and we started playing different games together. For almost a whole two years, we talked using every second of our spare time. We officially met over Christmas break, he came and stayed with me for two weeks 💕 now almost 6 months later, we get to meet a second time.
I'm leaving in a day and a half to see him. This time in Florida. We are 1700 miles away from eachother. I'm in New Mexico. He is in Florida. So far we have been doing amazing and I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life by his side! 💕" - @sara.vs.world
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"Hi! I'm Hunter. I was put on your page a while ago and like to update. Keaton is finishing up his senior year and called me last night to tell me he was accepted into a college 15 minutes away from me. After a year and a half of living 2 hours away from each other, we're finally breaking the distance!❤️" - @hunterkld
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Be prepared girls 😛 well tbh this is so me though xD sometimes girls are the messy ones^^

S T O R Y T I M E ✏️ "we meet in the 8th grade in 2014. we were together on and off by we were just getting to know each other and we stayed together. through out the years I grew a strong deep love for this boy that I never could of thought someone could have. we went through 9th grade together also everyone knowing it was always us but at the end of the year we had rough times and i found out I was moving to tx. before we knew it everything worked out but I was still movies over 1000 miles away. we said we would never give up and we didn't we planned dates to see each other and every time I got to see him was like the very first time & I would change it for the world. I can't wait till the plane ticket turns into a one way ticket." - @kobyxkatie

lol imagine that's you when you finally meet your love again at the airport 😂 #awkward

haha some of you might have wondered why I didn't post in so long. It's because me and my boyfriend broke up... We were together for 3 years, he moved to my country but it didn't work out. It was not because of the distance or anything, we lived together. We were just too different I guess. Well anyways I'm a lot better now and one of my followers DMd me on my private account and inspired me to re run this ldr account. Sooooo thank you for that and I'm super excited to share all your beautiful stories again which inspire other couples to keep going :) If you have any other ideas I could do on this account please let me know in the comments 👇
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