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The Qutub Minar is an unmissable, soaring Afghan-style tower and minaret. Ringed by intricately carved sandstone bands bearing verses from the Quran, the tower stands nearly 73m high and tapers from a 15m-diameter base to a mere 2.5m at the top.
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Combine heritage with this short hike up the Sahyadris to the Torna Fort. Starting at Velhe village near Pune, this trek takes you across a stream to lush green plateaus, dotted by gushing cascades. Don’t miss the abandoned temples and desolate buildings that take you back in time. Get ready for a treat as you spot two valleys separated by a ridge on which you will be walking. A cloud covered hike along this green trail definitely gives you a wet yet magical flavor of monsoon.
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Stretched majestically along the top of a 3km-long plateau overlooking Gwalior, the fort is a dominant, unmissable sight, and full of fascinating palaces, temples, museums and other buildings.
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Long immortalised by Bollywood, pine-fringed Gulmarg (‘Meadow of Flowers’), located in the Kashmir Valley, is the nearest India gets to a ski resort. The town is encircled by snow-capped peaks, the most impressive of which is Mt Affarwat, accessible via the precipitous Gulmarg Gondola – the second highest cable car ride in the world.
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An intriguing, picturesque ecosystem, Loktak Lake is one of the few places in Manipur that a foreigner is allowed to visit apart from Imphal. Its shimmering blue waters are broken into small lakelets by clumps of matted weeds called phumdis, and the lake is inhabited by villagers who build thatched huts on the floating ‘islands’ and make their way about in dugout canoes. Large, perfectly circular fishing ponds are created out of floating rings of weeds. The best view is atop Sendra Island.

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Away from the beaches, Salaulim Dam will make your Goa plan a little less of a cliche.
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A trekkers' paradise, Nepal combines Himalayan views, golden temples, charming hill villages and jungle wildlife watching to offer one of the world's great travel destinations.

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The region of North East India never fails to amaze and inspire us to protect our environment. Among several other enchanting places, there is a town called Dawki which has been a centre of attraction in Meghalaya.
It is known for its pristine lush green surroundings, and it is truly a blessing in disguise! The town is not just a tourist attraction but also one of the nearest 'Gateways to Bangladesh'. Image courtesy- @worthashott
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Perched high on a forest-covered ridge, this tiny village also known as the ‘Switzerland of India’ has lovely panoramic views of distant snowcapped peaks, fresh air and a relaxed atmosphere.

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One of Ladakh's magical great lakes, Tso Moriri shimmers with an ever-changing series of reflections in its vivid blue waters.

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Kenjalgad Fort also called Ghera Khelanja Fort in Wai, Maharashtra is located on the Mandhardev spur of the Mahadev hill range. The fort is visible from quite a long distance as a stone scarp 30–40 feet high rising as a cap on the irregular hill.

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The district of Kinnaur, stretching up to the Tibetan border in southeastern Himachal, is blessed with magnificent mountain and valley scenery and a distinctive cultural and ethnic mix that mutates from Aryan Hindu to Tibetan Buddhist as you progress eastward.
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