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☯ miley ☯ [daily goal: 100]  Jess ♡ typical teenager who might be obsessed with miley a little too much tumblr >

sorry i wasn't on for
1 day 😭 how areyou
all? should i do an s4s?🙊
{teen wolf was amazing tho}

3 words.
omg i can't even 😭

i'm starting to
fangirl on R5 omg
How are y'all? 🙊

who has tumblr?
if you follow me,
i'll follow back 🙊
dopestgeneratlon.tumblr 🌸

my follower
count > yours
jk jk 😔
Anyone wanna kik me? 🙊

my last upload
got over 60+
likes yayayay 🙊
hello lovelies♡

look at how
perfect their hair
is and their clothes
and just them. ugh. ♡

anyone has any
suggestions for
movies to watch?

so my friend went
to ComicCon the
whole of the past week
kill.me.now. 🔫

stahp being
so perfect ♡♡
movie night tonight ✨

someday I
wanna live in
new yorkkkk 🌆
ugh ♡♡

I have a lot to
take care of ugh.
What's ur fav
movie? ♡♡

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