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Fighter<3  I'm 16..I'm here for you. DM me anytime. i love to talk. I'm no therapist, but i will listen. <3 obviously single </3 Days clean: 0 days

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone #suicide #lonely #hurting #helpme #icantdothis #kill me #demons #itneverstops

I really am.
Guys I feel so fucking alone right now. I don't know how much longer I can hold on..

Him <3
Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on in like twenty years. Crazy summer.
I've actually been feeling alot better. Less depressed. Happier. Less suicidal. Etc. I owe it all to my amazing boyfriend. He's been here for me for the past 3 months about, even as a friend. We've been together for 2 amazing months now. He's amazing. I'll continue bragging about him later (;
#him #smile #eyes #voice #laugh #warmth #existence #ilovehim #hesamazing #happy

GUYS!!!! I've missed you all /: my wifi has been out in my house since forever. But I'm back!!
So, this is a picture in painting for art. I'll show you guys it when it's finished (;

Guys, I honestly haven't been this happy in a long time. I hung out with the guy I like last night, and we basically cuddled the whole day. And we watched the possession cx which wasn't very scary btw. And after the movie was over we kept cuddling, and we were making silly faces AND I KISSED HIM. I had my first kiss... ASDFGHJKL (': he's amazing though. #kiss #kissing #cuddling #allnight #hesamazing #fallingforyou #thepossession #scarymovie #madebrownies

Sorry guys I haven't been on in forever >.< end of school testing and shit. How is everybody doing?? Btw, follow @__unicorns_rainbows . Amazing page (:

There are so many boys out there, that find themselves worthless, find themselves unattractive, fat, disgusting, untalented, fucked up, and that nobody could ever love them. So they cut. They burn. They purge. They starve. They hurt. But lemme tell you something, EVERYBODY is amazing in their own way. Everybody, even guys, deserve to be loved. You aren't worthless. You aren't ugly, or gross. Embrace who you are, and I promise someday, somebody will love you for you. They'll take you as you are with all of your imperfections. All your flaws, all your rough and smooth edges. And they'll still think you are beautiful.
#boys #youarentalone #love #happy #cut #selfharm #burn #beautiful #imperfectlyperfect #amazing #youareyou #embraceit #promise #youllmakeit #trustme

I'm slowly losing all my friends...I'm trying to fix things, but I feel like they don't want me, nor trust me...it's killing me feeling so alone. #alone #help #lonely #sad #starving #cantdoit #iwannabehappy #happy

It's that time if year. On the 13th, it'll have been 2 years since my best friend killed himself. I miss him so fucking much it hurts. And now I've been having nightmares and its like sleeping doesn't help, but neither does living.
I probably lost 3 of my friends today because I'm a fucked up piece of shit. My best friend wrote me a note... It really hurt. Because she told me things that I sorta knew. I wish she would've told me sooner. But I tried being there for her the other day, and she didn't seem to care. But the thing that hurt the most was when she said she never wanted to see me again. It made me feel like she wanted me to go kill myself. And I almost did if my mom didn't stop me. I really fucked things up. Honestly... I know they absolutely hate me. I mean nothing to them anymore. But that's okay cause I deserve it. I deserve to be alone. I deserve to be hurting. I wasn't there for them enough and it's always been about me. I'm Gonna make sure I paint a fucking smile on my fax

My bestfriend completely hates me. I know it's my fault. I'm so sorry. I wish I could change back time, but I can't. This us what i have to do. i tried staying strong, but with her feeling like this towards me. i cant. she was one of very few people I was trying to stay alive for. What's the point now?? I'm already taking in the pills. You don't wanna see me?? Darling you won't have too. Goodbye.

I absolutely love your account @cxnt_be_rescued follow!!!!

I stole this from @poisonsouls_ so follow them cx
1. Purple
2. Cats, but especially tigers
3. Greece seems cool
4. To many to pick Dx
5. Again, tooooo many xc
6. One direction. 5SOS (hate one me bitches)
7. Mayday Parade and Bring Me The Horizon and Blink 182
8. Adam Lamburt and Demi Lovato
9. Shekina. Zelda is also really cool
10. Roman
11. There's no 11!!! Xc
12. Pasta, Panda Express, Cafe Rio, and Costa Vida
13. Anything pink lemonade or lemonade. Mostly vitamin water zero lemonade (:
14. Nobody.
15. Red ones
16. Myfitnesspal and Instagram
17. Pretty Little Liars, the walking dead, and once upon a time.
#purple #cats #tigers #greece #bands #songs #albumbs #onedirection #5sos #maydayparade #blink182 #bmth #adamlamburt #demilovato #pinklemonade #vitaminwater #red #pll #walkingdead #onceuponatime

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