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Here's looking at you, kid. ♥️

Feeling like a #bossmombabe today. The last two weeks have brought on a flurry of emotions. I returned to work and while I felt accomplished on one hand, there was a tremendous amount of guilt and anxiety on the other. I thought, "How will I ever get out of the house on time? Will I pump enough breast milk? Max is definitely going cry all day at daycare and probably get sick." But, those are unproductive and fearful thoughts. Once I let that 'ish go, I remembered that life is pretty damn good. The reality is that I am able to plan ahead and leave the house on time. I am pumping plenty of milk. Max didn't cry all day or get sick. So, here I am, taking the important things seriously, tossing the trivial things out the window, and being the best damn #bossmombabe I can be.
Sidenote: I am incredibly grateful to be surrounded by supportive friends, family and co-workers. Without their love, I'd probably be a hot mess.

Morning snuggle session.

All of me ♥️s all of you

Nailed it!

🎶 Every day in every way, it's getting better and better 🎶 (Beautiful Boy, John Lennon) ❤️

✨ All is calm, all is bright ✨

@gregkillmeyer and I welcomed our son, Maximus 'Max' Colton Killmeyer into the world last Friday afternoon. We successfully labored and birthed at home, surrounded by a few of our favorite people. Max is thriving and our hearts are SO full.
A huge thanks to our friends, co-workers and community at large. Everyone has been so kind, supportive and generous. Please excuse any unanswered messages or unacknowledged gifts - we're not ignoring you - just absorbing each moment with this little one. We'll check back into communications and social media when the time is right. ❤️

“Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.” ~ E.B. White

Rolling Rappahannock hills and cotton candy skies - another stunning evening.

One of my top five fav photos by @mollympetersonphotographer ••• This is the first time in 33 years I’ve felt a sense of belonging [to a family]. This is my family, my team, my closest companions. Thank you Universe for this beautiful life. •••

@gregkillmeyer is such a creep.

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