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LONDON FLOAT THERAPY  LONDON'S 1st FLOAT CENTRE | 6 Float Rooms 🔹de-stress🔹refresh🔹recharge🔹heal 🌊Sun-Sat 9a-9p | Closed Tues | Walk-Ins 🌊

Exam Stress??? Floating can help!! Shut your mind off in a float session and recharge for exams!! Studies show that students who float have better focus, concentration and success 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Show your student card and get $20 off your float!

🌊😀 COMING SOON! You asked, and we designed!! By popular demand we have some nice gear to add to your Float Gifts! Shirts and other gifts starting at $5.99 @londonfloat COMING SOON! .
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😯What a cool 🌊FLOATER🌊 👀🦈 .
the nothingness removes stress, balances your mind, replenishes your body. #selfcare

@londonfloat ... walk away and find your zen here at London Float ☺️☀️🌊 ... Adding float therapy to your health and wellness regimen can give you that stress-free zen life you’ve been waiting for!!!! We’ve looked it up for you! Magnesium deficiency can cause irritability, fatigue, mental confusion and predisposition to stress. Magnesium is best absorbed through the body and during a float you get an abundance of this!! Magnesium plays a large role in the development of seratonin, which is a major contributor in feelings of happiness. 😁🌊 And when you’re happy - your life transforms for the best!!!

You know we offer a membership, but do you truly understand the benefits you receive with it?! If you float even once a month you are saving 35% off of your total costs, and have the option to utilize our membership only pricing of $35 floats in the same monthly cycle, giving you 53% off our regular pricing! With only a three month commitment and no maintenance fees, you can’t go wrong!! Call in or drop by today and speak to one of our staff about how you can feel better and save money with our membership! 🎁

💕❤️ YESTERDAY WAS SO WONDERFUL! With love in the air, our Deluxe Couples Room was booked solid ALL DAY! 😍
Want to try something different for that special someone? Birthday? Anniversary? Date night?
Our couples room allows for 2 people in the same water during your relaxing float! Enjoy the healing and nothingness together in our spacious couples room! Indulge in: magnesium intake, deep muscle rejuvenation, a toxin flush, and more... allow your body to shut off completely in a stress free environment leaving you REFRESHED! Don’t forget, studies show that ONE hour of floating is equivalent to FOUR-SIX hours of sleep!!! 2 of everything in your own private suite so you can enjoy this treatment with someone special 😍😍! 👬👫👭

IT’S GAME DAY!! and BOTH OF THESE TEAMS FLOAT!!!!! ... Did you know the Philadelphia Eagles were the first NFL team to install float tanks in their facility and that 3x MVP Tom Brady has his own personal tank in his house? Tag a friend and comment down below your prediction for the winner and final score for your chance to win a free float!!

#bellletstalk was an initiative established by Bell in September of 2010, in an effort to open the conversation of mental health. One of the four pillars of this day is to bring attention to this persistent issue and see greater access to services that can help those suffering. There is great literature and research on the effects that Floatation therapy can have on your mental health and in an effort to do our part, our team has educated ourselves on how our services can help this who need it. Please call in today, and remember that a conversation can change someone’s life, we’re all in this together! 📞

There are many benefits of floating, but perhaps no group of individuals finds more immediate relief than pregnant women! With its sense of weightlessness and relief on achy joints and muscles, experiencing floatation therapy while pregnant can be a tremendous source of relief for expectant mothers. ▪️▪️
Stress relief from floating has been demonstrated in many scientific studies, and there’s no better time to invest in stress reduction than during a pregnancy. Research has shown that a mother’s stress levels during pregnancy can affect her baby’s development in infancy, and for years beyond; that means that if floating can reduce your stress, it could also help pave the way for healthy lifelong development for your baby. ▪️▪️ Better Sleep During Pregnancy. ▪️▪️ Magnesium Absorption for Prenatal Health ▪️▪️ AND MORE! ... * We welcome expectant mothers in their 2nd or 3rd trimester, and recommend consulting with your physician prior.

by yourself... for yourself. 🌊💦. Float. @londonfloat

We are often asked what makes floating so relaxing, and to answer in short: by removing as many environmental stimuli as possible, you are directly reducing the inputs on your mind, which allows for a feeling of complete relaxation! 😴

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