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London Chicken Save  London Chicken Save inspires change through positive action by bearing witness & promoting awareness about animal slaughter in #LdnOnt. 🇨🇦🐓


Thank you to everyone who joined us at our vigil today! <3

Ever notice these trucks on the highway? 💔🐔 They hold up to 10,000 chickens and deliver them to slaughter. They never stop. Even on recent days that felt like -20°F/-30°C. The only thing between those chickens and the icy air is a tarp. Imagine how cold that would be. Animals or their products are not necessary for your health or survival. Go vegan. ✌🏻🌱

Join us on Tuesday for a vigil/outreach at Cargill in London, ON. 🐔✌🏻 ~80,000 killed daily. 💔

Every day ~80,000 chickens are being slaughtered at Cargill. Extreme weather doesn’t stop the transport of these innocent beings to their death. 💔🐔

Join us at an upcoming vigil to speak up for the animals slaughtered in our community. Event details on Facebook. 🙏🏼✌🏼

From a past @cedarrowfs visit. These two are inseparable. 💗 The goose protects the duck.

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Canadian activists are the best. Out yesterday in -10°C weather and the icy cold wind that’s always present at Cargill. We still had a group of 10 people. We still stopped a truck. We didn’t get to see any of the babies inside, but we could hear their chirps. They’re still there. How many of them were frozen on arrival? How many animals need to die for you? Choose vegan. 🌱 @londonchickensave @thesavemovement

It’s unnecessary. ✌🏼 #govegan

Thank you to everyone who could make it to the event today. We saw one truck arrive at the slaughterhouse during our hour there. Continuing with our peaceful work with the drivers, he allowed us a moment to offer love to the animals - due to the conditions we only asked for less than a minute before they pulled into the facility.
This use of our animal friends is wrong and we encourage everyone to adopt a plant based diet.

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Have you ever driven along the highway with your windows down in the middle of winter? How many hours do you think your skin could handle exposed to the elements like that? Say it was -10 °C like here today for example. I mean, your or I might try it for a challenge for a few seconds, but we certainly wouldn’t want someone to force it on us for hours on end.
Behind these tarps are thousands of young chickens about to be slaughtered. They can legally be in transport for up to 36 hours in Canada. Many will be dead on arrival today.
To be honest it doesn’t matter how we try to find ways around it - there is no humane way to kill someone who doesn’t want to die. We don’t need to find better ways to do the wrong thing. Enough is enough. This is unnecessary.

A bit of chilly weather won’t stop us from speaking up for the animals. ✌🏼 #govegan

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