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London Andrews  Plus Size Model - World Traveler - Humanitarian - Animal Lover - Body Positive ✈ROC NY🔜LA

You know. @corwinprescott and I were chatting about how long we have been in this business. Almost 14 years now for both of us (isn't that INSANE!?) - Most of the models/photographers that we started with are gone now. People that we once looked up to disappeared or moved on with their lives. Sadly, I can barely recall most of their names because it feels like a lifetime ago. I keep hoping that I can continue to stay relevant long enough to solidify my dreams. I hope that you keep tuning in. I cannot believe that I turn 34 this year. Life is just flying by.

For the last four months, I have been test driving and researching Class B/Class C RVs. I really want to go on the road this winter and head south. Class Bs felt too small for Stella and I. And many of the Class C RVs were too BIG!!... After a few months of research, I think that I found one that I love.....2001 Coachman Catalina! 40,000 miles. 22 feet. Queen bed and room for six (if needed). Housed every winter. No rust. Roof resealed two years ago. New tires. Automatic. V10. $12,000. Owner is selling it to renovate his home.... I think that I am purchasing it tomorrow. What do you guys think?

Shooting Patreon in a cabin this week with my new Canon 6D camera! The camera shoots video! I am so excited to try some new things for my website. How long does a canon battery hold a charge? This cabin does not have electricty.

My new Patreon content goes up on Thursday night!! Be sure to check out my sweating nude dance video before it switches to my lumberjack-in-the-woods video!

If I decide to rent my house while I tour the US in my RV, I suppose that I should work on painting the bedrooms this week. #painttime #hardwoods #lovethishouse

I am at this tipping point in my life where I have dozen options for my future. Yet, I cannot focus on which direction to go... I bought a beautiful home in ROC NY but I am restless and unhappy because I compromised. Now, I want to buy an RV and roadtrip for a few months to escape (although I have been to all 50 states, most multiple times and I have already lived on the road for three full years of my life)... I dream of volunteering at Animal Sanctuaries and I want to learn from the passionate people that run them, because my life only feels full when I am following my heart, which absolutely always leads me to animal rescue. Yet, being here in Seattle, reminds me that I also want to focus on my family (I have avoided them so very long that they barely feel like family). It also reminds me how isolated I am from the modeling/photography community. I miss modeling friends.... But if I move here, I have to rent/sell my house in NY and go back to renting (because the houses in Seattle are INSANELY expensive).... Gah. I sound like a brat. I have so many choices when so many people have none. But I struggled for years and I really want a solid positive change in my life.... but. . What do I do? Do I sell my house? Do I rent a house in Seattle? Do I take off in an RV with Stella? Should I buy land in Washington? Farm land is decently priced outside city limits.

Magic fairy-land of water and moss... !! This calendar is going to be beautiful..!!!

Shooting some awesome new work @corwinprescott 's place! This nude retro bra from @dearscantilly is the cutest! Bottoms are @justfiguresllc

Do you carry hate in your heart? Analyze it. Why do you carry such a crushing weight?... As we contemplate the actions that happened week, we should take a moment to acknowledge the feelings that we carry inside ourselves. I have been reading a lot of Nelson Mandela this week.

Shot some Uh-mazing stuff with @corwinprescott and @lillias_right today! Cannot wait to share everything as it is edited! Getting ready to work on the 2018 calendar tomorrow!

Go ahead. Venting is therapeutic.

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