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London Andrews  Plus Size Model - World Traveler - Humanitarian - Animal Lover - Body Positive ✈🔜Amsterdam🔜Bucharest🔜Athens🔜Santorini

It should be mandatory to take a canal tour every single day while visiting Amsterdam! This city was founded in 1275. Can you even imagine the miilions of lives lived in this city?.... It is so old!

Amsterdam Art. The world just makes more sense as a kitten..... #streetart #amsterdam

Sports bring lots of men together to do this!

So there is a big game today and the city is losing it's mind. Hundreds of drunk dudes wearing jerseys and chanting songs on the very street corner..!

My Airbnb host wants to be my buddy. Which, I suppose, is better than exploring alone all the time! Just bought tickets to the Van Gogh museum!

They were not joking when the said my Airbnb stairs were so steep that you could climb them like a ladder.... Five floors to the TOP!!!

Window shopping in Amsterdam can be quite interesting ... #dicknose #windowshopping

Going to SPAM you with canal photos! #amsterdam

Aimlessly cruising the canals with my bike rental... Fun fact! Amsterdam has more bridges than Venice! There are only 409 bridges connecting Venice’s canals. Amsterdam actually has 1281 bridges.... three times as many! #sunsout #somanybikes

After a long flight... all I can think about is clean clothes and a hot shower to wash off all the airplane stink.... Also!! This Airbnb is super cute!!!!.... Off to explore!!

Instead of taking a taxi from Amsterdam Central... I decided to walk two miles to my Airbnb. Happy that I did. Every direction that I look like a painting. Springtime in the Netherlands!

Hehe.... Someone used this line on me once!! What is your favorite silly pickup line??!! #avocado

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