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Shelby Erdman 

Prets are awesome!!! So much recognition needs to be given to This corporation who takes such pride in providing healthy fast food all over London

Loved being able to drive around and see the distance between things instead of in the tube. Puts a lot of things in perspective for me & I really enjoyed the tea bus! πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸΌ #cphhs #h333 #h320 #osuinlondon

It amazes me how many Prets there are around town and the great healthy foods it contains at such great convenience πŸ‘πŸΌ #cphhs #osuinlondon #h320 #h333

These two pictures show how advanced of a system the U.K. Has for labeling which amazes me. It gives references to how much one should drink in a day/not exceed and then the other shows in colors what the chips are high in. It's also nice that things here are all portioned out in 1 single size portion bag for extra convenience #cphhs #osuinlondon #h320 #h333

I absolutely loved this piece of art at the museum! It really captures the human body and amazes me that it was drawn so long ago when we didn't have all the information we have today #h333 #h320 #osuinlondon #cphhs

Today we visited a museum and had a whole section for obesity! It shows how it is so prevalent even in the U.K. And US. #cphhs #h320 #h333 #osuinlondon

Fun seeing a little reminder of home on our trip and a good picture to talk about how the tube system is so universally used! It shows the difference in how many people prefer walking and using the tube besides driving in London. It gives them good health benefits by choosing to be a little more active during the day and reducing pollutions #h333 #h320 #osuinlondon #cphhs

The use of signs like these around the city really encourage people to act active and moving around! I've only seen signs like this in Portland that are geared more toward children, not adults in general. I love that the city has these informative posters by the stairs. Almost makes me feel guilty if I wasn't to take the stairs! It also shows how much society has evolved to be aware of the health benefits #cphhs #h320 #h333 #osuinlondon

Topic of the day- grocery stores! I am just in awe every time I go into the grocery stores in London, even small markets that would seem to be an equivalent of a 7/11 have incredibly diverse food options. I've never walked into as many places and been able to grab easy healthy snacks for such a good price, especially a market on a street corner where I'd expect to mainly find junk food. The entire food culture in London is different than the US with many more stores/co-ops/grocery stores giving you convenience healthy options. This is much better than the US, and I'm curious to if there is a policy for fresh unprocessed foods to be easier accessible instead of having multiple fast food options #h333 #h320 #osuinlondon #cphhs

Day 5: As you travel around the city you see immense amount of people walking and riding the tube, I have rarely seen any kind of traffic like what we have at home and there are always people on the sidewalks no matter what economy level as well. Any shop that you stop in has well priced convenience foods for those who are on a hurry on their journey to work, the store or wherever life takes them- especially toward the healthier lifestyle πŸ₯’πŸ₯•πŸ₯‘πŸ₯—πŸ΅ #osuinlondon #h320 #h333

Day 4: looking at these sour gummies, I was confused as to why they said veggie on them until reading the ingredients. These candies were actually very delicious to my surprise and easily showed how much each portion size was instead of making the consumer guess. In the older times, people were much fitter because they had to ration things and got much exercise having to walk on food everywhere. I think it's pretty awesome how they try to incorporate healthier options into normally terrible for you foods. #cpphs #h333 #h320 #osuinlondon

Day 3: with the topic of rising obesity issues in the US, I want to figure out what London is doing differently to face this problem since it doesn't seem as prevalent around the U.K. Walking around I've noticed many healthier options available to everyone for very affordable prices which was shocking to me. I liked this place at the train station because it showed all the fresh food to its customers. I begin to wonder if there's any policies in place in the U.K. that talks about availability fresh food because I have seen much more here than anywhere else. #cpphs #h333 #h320 #osuinlondon

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