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London Lyrics🇬🇧  Some day some of them say that our hearts will beat Like the wheels of the fast train, all around the world Tag: #london_lyrics Me: @krista1366

Perfect quote for those who have chosen to be childless.
Having kids is not for everyone. And to be a Punk is to live by YOUR truth. Not by anyone’s expectations of who you should be. It’s your attitude, not the clothes you wear, or a snarl on your face.
I did chose to have two daughters, and raised them my way. My family has lived in 3 different counties. My youngest was diagnosed as dyslexic at 7 while we lived in Italy. And everyone had an opinion, experts, teachers or whoever on what language she should or should not speak or school she should attend. I followed my own instincts, did my research and worked with her Italian teachers who were amazing. I was a punk mom. Now? My beautiful daughter speaks 3 languages and is about the graduate from university with a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture. I’d love to tell the Neuropsychologist who initially diagnosed her and said best we could hope for was she’d maybe graduate from HS 🙄
I did it my way, and it wasn’t easy. Especially for her.
Never set low expectations, for you, or anyone else.
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Anthony H. ‘Tony’ Wilson would have been 69 today. He was the man who created the space, the Haçienda, and the structure, Factory Records, that allowed young artists to make the music that defined a generation and made legends, including himself. And, did you know? He had a degree in English Lit from the University of Cambridge. Wonder if there’s a blue plaque on his old college door.... #tonywilson #mrmanchester #fac251 #factoryrecords #thehaçienda #joydivision #iancurtis #neworder #peterhook #bernardsumner #manchester #madchester #northern #salford

RIP Karl Lagerfeld. A man who was punk to the core - a global icon who gave no f^cks. His sharp wit, and brutal honesty in this modern era of don’t say this or that for fear of offending, was refreshing. I kinda loved him for it. Karl had the courage to say, most likely, what we were all thinking.
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A song from the ultimate American 80s classic teen move movie based on a book by S.E. Hinton. As kid reading these books, I wondered if the initials were to hide she was a young woman writing about boys from the Midwest. My 12 yr old self loved her books, always darker than Judy Blume’s.
She wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation and Francis Ford Coppola produced and directed. It started Matt Dillon, Micky Rourke, Diane Lane, Nicolas Cage (of course, he’s related to FFC).
Probably one of the cooler songs from an 80s teen movie soundtrack don’t you think? And seriously, who wants to be box in?
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Perfect quote for a Sunday morning. What we loved about Pete’s music was that, his honest vulnerability. His lyrics were poetry set to a punk soundtrack. And we all could relate.
Wherever you are, be honest to yourself and the one next to you. Even if, you were a sloppy mess last night and said a few things you may have regretted 😂 🎶 And I think of your eyes in the dark
And I see the star
And I look to the light
And I might wonder right where you are
All the Gods in the sky, way up high
See the world spinning 'round
But the sun and the moon
And the stars are so far from the ground
I'm the shy boy, you're the coy boy
And you know we're Homosapien too
I'm the cruiser, you're the loser
Me and you sir, Homosapien too 🎶
#peteshelley #buzzcocks #punkpoetry #bevulnerable #sundaymotivation #punklyrics

Having a lazy day by the pool with someone, somewhere in wintertime on South Beach - kinda got in and out of the rain of NY and London.
Tell you a secret? I kinda LOVE Simple Minds, and remember when, for a brief moment, they were bigger than U2 and Sparkle in the Rain was released.
Wherever you are, stay warm and dry!
☀️ 🌊
#simpleminds #simplemindsfans #jimkerr #waterfront #sparkleintherain #80smusic #1983

Supposedly, the verse ‘Spending warm summer days indoors
Writing frightening verse
To a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg’ is about Morrissey’s youthful habit of wring to pen pals.
Way back when I was young girl living in the suburbs of Long Island, NY, I had a pen pal from the UK, Sheffield actually, and her name was Amanda. We’d write back and forth telling each other about our little lives. I marvelled at her perfect penmanship - only to learn later all British kids learned to write block like that - and also how the same we were despite our differences. I longed to live in the UK, as she longed to visit the USA. Who knew way back then I’d one day really live in the UK, with my British husband and British kids??? Have a British passport of my own??? Often on my way North I drive past Sheffield and from the motorway look at the rows of neat semidetached houses and wonder: which one is where Amanda lived? Wonder where she is now?
#thesmiths #thesmithslyrics #morrissey #sheffield #penpalsearch #fridaymotivation

Happy Valentines Day my peeps....
Been swept away to Miami by my love of the last 30 years @inreflectionphotography 🎶 And love love love
Is a dangerous drug
You have to receive it
And you still can't
Get enough of the stuff 🎶
#eurythmics #annielennox #obsession #valentinesday #beinlove

Right? Getting so tired of winter!!! 😂😉 #blondieband #debbieharry #debbieharryblondie #saturdaymood #sooverwinter

Yesterday was International Clash Day and a celebration of all things Joe Strummer and London Calling etc.
Let’s honor the genius of Mick Jones and his post Clash project with Don Letts, Big Audio Dynamite!!! Did you know this project helped to heal the wounds of the infamous Clash break up? It did. All the signs were there if you look. After the Clash, Strummer and Jones collaborated on many projects including ‘Love Kills’ for the ‘Sid and Nancy’ soundtrack and most of the songs on B.A.D.’s ‘Number 10 Upping St.’ If you look close at the video for B.A.D.’s ‘Medicine Show’ you’ll see Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon in cop’s uniforms - Joe is the one with a beer belly, Paul ever handsome!!! I remember in 1986 Clash fans caught that on the video and went wild over speculation of a reunion that never was.
What an amazing example of how to bridge what divides us and unite. After all, life is short and Joe didn’t know he was on borrowed time. 🖤🎶🇬🇧🎸
#bigaudiodynamite #mickjones #joestrummer #donletts #paulsimonon #internationalclashday #unite #buildbridgesnotwalls

On Feb. 7, 1979, the Clash played their first U.S. gig at the Berkeley Community Theatre in Berkeley, California. And they opened the set with, ‘I’m So Bored With The USA’. You have to wonder if the audience got the joke?! 😂
Love this quote and don’t think Joe Strummer ever settled for second best? What a legacy he left us. And how it endures...
🇺🇸 🖤 🎸
#theclash #joestrummer #joestrummerquotes #mickjones #paulsimonon #topperheadon #theonlybandthatmatters #thursdaymotivation #internationalclashday

Adam Ant’s first solo hit that smashed the charts in the UK and thanks to heavy rotation on MTV, number 12 on Billboard’s top 100.
It was the first single from the record, ‘Friend or Foe’, which also included ‘Desperate But Not Serious’. We girls in the USA went crazy for Adam, his raw sexuality and dance moves... grr. Have you seen him lately? He has been touring and looks great. When I moved to the UK around 2011, Adam Ant got a new tattoo in High Wycombe and played a surprise gig!!! Made the local press and it felt so cool to be living in the UK, in Buckinghamshire, surrounded by these icons of the 80s just living their normal lives. Yeah, sometimes we into Tony Hadley or Jay Kay @ our local pub. 🎶Look out or they'll tell you
You're a Superstar
Two weeks and you're an all time legend
I think the games have gone much too far
If the words unspoken
It get stuck in your throat
Send a treasure token, token
Write it on a pound note, pound note 🎶
👠 🇬🇧 🐜
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