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Lonac  Muralist, painter, illustrator from Zagreb, Croatia www.facebook.com/LONACart #lonac

Close up . "Intermission" , @muralistanbul #lonac #mural

"Intermission" Thnx to @muralistanbul for invitation and great wall. First time using spray and acrylic on a big scale. Thnx to @tina.barbar for posing. Love Istanbul #lonac #mural

A fun collaboration wall with @mane_mei @sarme_one and @chez_186 at @laubahouse / @nesvrstani.hr in Zagreb. Portrait of my brother @silkfatblues

"Nanxian Puppy" closeup, oil on canvas 100x100 cm. For all the works from my show "Strange Tales" check thinkspaceprojects.com - @thinkspace_art

Process photos from @nesvrstani.hr event at @laubahouse . More details in the next post with final photos of the whole collaboration wall. Photos by @silkfatblues

“Weird Flower” 100x30 cm , oil on canvas/ ink on paper #lonac

"Nanxian Puppy" oil on canvas, 100x100 cm #lonac

“Silent Companion” , ink on paper- Strange Tales exhibition on view trough May 25 at @thinkspace_art

First wall in Los Angeles. Did this one with my buddy @chez_186 . Last year I painted mostly fellow artists so why Not do another one , this time from LA- Thnx @kenflewellyn for modeling and to @thinkspace_art and @shermangallery for the opportunity and support !!! Photos by @silkfatblues

"Red Shoe" close up of the paintings 150x100 cm , Oil on canvas. There Are some prints left in the shop so make sure YOU check @thinkspace_art for all the details #lonac

“A Friend in Need” oil on canvas, 180x100 cm . On a display in @thinkspace_art #lonac

“Silent Companion” oil on canvas, 180x100 cm. #lonac

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