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costellar for life 🐐  team sabrina we never lose ♕ erika costell fan acc (not erika) ; photo edits, video edits, more ☾ erika liked x28 ↞ grateful 🌹


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some of my favorite pics of erika:)
photo credit (pic 2): @erikacdaily, erika you should follow her cough
@erikacostell #erikacostell

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@erikacostell x @taytumandoakley
erika ilysm :))
qotp: zoey 101 or henry danger?
aotp: zoey 101
#erikacostell || TAG THEM ❣️

3/3 ♡ #erikacostell

2/3 -
I forgive you ♡
as much as I don't agree with the things Jake has done, he's a good person. I fell in love with Jake in 2014, I still see that in him. Since it's everyday bro he's changed, well people don't change, they grow. Jake is HUMAN. Just like you. Wishing ANYBODY death is psychotic. Give him a break, he's been faking a smile FOR US since February.
cc. mine (kinda proud but eh)
ac. mine
(All hate will be deleted so don't waste your time)

1/1 ♡ #erikacostell

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hope she feels better
- @erikacostell -
#qotp: favorite shoot from this trip?
#aotp: this one

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couldn't fit the whole image lol
- @erikacostell -
#qotp: fav erika tattoo
#aotp: "fear ends where faith begins"

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her modeling side 😍
- @erikacostell -
#qotp: apollo or kong?
#aotp: both

queen :))
- @erikacostell -
#qotp: fav food?
#aotp: eggs

her vlog is up!!
- @erikacostell -
#qotp: reading or watching?
#aotp: watching

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hopefully she posts the two other ones on her backup w/out the filter, she looks so good
- @erikacostell -
#qotp: two piece or one piece bathing suits?
#aotp: two piece but both:))

- @erikacostell -
#qotp: who do you ship the most in Team 10
#aotp: terika

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