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Lauren Miller  interiors + product + food photographer | always on the hunt for a bit of 🔮 | living a simple life in Toronto & PEC.

a rainy overcast day spent sick on the couch was the perfect excuse to edit all of my Italy snaps - when I took this I had a glass of the most delish Chianti in my hand & was wearing the most beautiful linen pants, my how the mighty have fallen 😷

california vibes in the studio tonight with some prep for a three day shoot with @tristanjayne for @studio.luxe tomorrow - love these little weird dried flowers - so pretty.

a Sienese butcher’s shop front window still life to set off your weekend 👌🏻


back to work and immediately back into the swing of things with 3 shoots this week / a bunch of meetings and I love my work like tons but I’m still looking around wondering where the heck my daily aperol spritzes are.

It’s decided - never coming home. If you need me, I’ll be here swimming in the Mediterranean Sea with Italian bambinos.

another day of wandering winding side streets, gelato o’clock & chianti so good it would make you cry.

first family dinner at our place in Tuscany - there are no words for the beauty of this place. The hype is real, & so so deserved.

to me - this is the best side of Rome. The back streets, the local haunts, the shops that are passed down through generations as treasured inheritances. Also - the produce here, even more than pasta or pizza - has just ripped my heart and mind wide open. These doughnut peaches from Sicily? I can’t. The cherries? Heart stopping. The pecorino & spicy salami? I fell in love with the little man who sold them to us, his shop in Trastevere - Antica Caciara just has to be on your Rome list. It’s one of those passion driven, magical places that doesn’t even have an Instagram & treats their craft like a divine purpose. I could go on for days 😻❤️

Today’s highlight was swimming in a hidden cove / seeing dolphins / eating gelato & getting lost in winding side streets with boundless charm everywhere.

day 2: we floated for hours in the Mediterranean, had multiple naps under one of those orange umbrellas, ate valencia oranges that tasted like actual sunshine & realized the Italians have this whole relaxing & living well thing nailed to a science.

our home in monterosso for the next few days - unsurprisingly (& intentionally) above the hottest aperitvo spot in town, complete with the most insane house made limoncello (see my instagram stories for results 🍷😑). We can hear the locals holding court for hours, laughing in Italian and English, effortlessly switching back and forth depending on the company at the table. We sat drinking spritzes and munching on olives and feeling like we were in the most detailed acid trip / dream scape imaginable - oh, and there was a puppy and I learned how to say “oh you’re so cute” in Italian courtesy of the fabulously dressed local ladies who brazenly brought their English setter into a bar whilst getting sauced. Needless to say, I’m enjoying my trip.

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