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Sherwood  Bartender: Beer Belly Long Beach - dive bar enthusiast - Friend to plants - photographer

Getting ready for my @woodfordreserve Manhattan competition on Monday! This guys called "apple of my eye", woodford reserve, alvear fino sherry, bitters.

Lily's c. 2017/February

"Practice what you peach", #bourbon #lillet Bruleed peach, raspberry with shaved sweet pistachio, and salted pistachio for garnish... #craftcocktails #bartenderlife @lillet1872 @woodfordreserve

Learning! @fordsgin

Garden game: 🔥

Shut up and grow shit

When your whole squad is lit #airplants

Skater on crack:
Jagermeister, plantation pineapple, pineapple juice, lime, simple, flaming lime garnish

Dream state

A little bit of Saturday reading before I start my shift at 6 at beer belly!

Figicillin from Monday's competition. Dewars scotch, figs, lemon, ginger syrup, honey syrup, and a green chartreuse fueled fig fire pit with hickory wood on top, laphroig spritz.