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Sherwood  Bartender: Beer Belly Long Beach - dive bar enthusiast - Friend to plants - photographer

Lily's c. 2017/February

"Practice what you peach", #bourbon #lillet Bruleed peach, raspberry with shaved sweet pistachio, and salted pistachio for garnish... #craftcocktails #bartenderlife @lillet1872 @woodfordreserve

Learning! @fordsgin

Garden game: 🔥

Shut up and grow shit

When your whole squad is lit #airplants

Skater on crack:
Jagermeister, plantation pineapple, pineapple juice, lime, simple, flaming lime garnish

Dream state

A little bit of Saturday reading before I start my shift at 6 at beer belly!

Figicillin from Monday's competition. Dewars scotch, figs, lemon, ginger syrup, honey syrup, and a green chartreuse fueled fig fire pit with hickory wood on top, laphroig spritz.

Come by beer belly and eat one of these at the bar and hang out with me and talk shit about life! 5-close