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Lolo Jones  Olympic Hurdler and Bobsledder. snapchat👻:lolojones

Not knowing you can't do something, is sometimes all it takes to do it.

The first time bae's mom cooks for you but you like yo mom's better... all new episode of @challengemtv tonight on MTV 9/8c

Who you want to be Vs. who you are, let them fight it out everyday until they are one. -lolo jones

When it's been a stressful week but your homie is picking ya up to go out later. @camilamtv #ChampsVsPros

Basic 🚧 hurdle drills Part 2. I eventually progress to 7 hurdles as #trackandfield season goes on. Let me know in comments below if any more running/workout questions

Requests in my dm's for some hurdle tips/drills, so here ya go. 🚧🏃🏽‍♀️Basic hurdle drills Part 1. First #hurdles are a warm up, last one is the drill. Tag a friend that u saw bust themselves wide open over a hurdle and u tried not to laugh 😂 but did. 📷 @kai_kun24.

Heavy burdens last few days. Gonna need some more strength God.

When @realjohnnybananas teased me about hitting hurdles it was at that moment I was hoping for a boxing challenge. @challengemtv premieres tonight at 9/8c. #ChampsVsPros

All my exes "yes we have seen that" .@challengemtv airs tomorrow! watch me fight to raise money for The Hurdles of Hope Foundation which helps kids with incarcerated parents. Yes I cuss. Sorry Christians, I still love Jesus. Just not perfect.

I hate anything single leg since my hip surgery. It's so beneficial even if the roller on the floor tries sneak you and put u back in surgery

Get a facial peel, you'll look so much better they said...

Archer? Or Family Guy? I mean technically it's a cartoon. happy birthday nephew I didn't get you anything Bc you're still too young to remember if I did or not

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