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My ladies (and gents!) got this. You are bigger, better, and brighter than you ever give yourself credit for, but as long as you only focus keeping a checklist of the things you coulda, woulda, shoulda, can't, won't, shan't, how are you going to find the space for all of your "I have, I can, I should, and I WANTED to, so I did." I see you, and I know you, and I feel your pain. Your anxiety. Your grief. Your loneliness. Congratulate yourself for getting out of bed today even though you didn't want to, couldn't. Congratulate yourself for getting out in the fresh air, going for a walk, and talking to a neighbor, even when your anxiety is calling out at you to turn around and go home. Congratulate yourself for taking on another day with your grief over the loss of someone you cherished, and for living through that day, knowing how proud your loved one would be. Congratulate yourself for being alive. Choosing to live. God doesn't screw up...He makes beautiful people like you that have a worth and importance likely more than you'll ever know.
But just as God doesn't, make no can do this. In your own time. Your own way. Your own choices. In the meantime, celebrate every part of your day. You are BRAVE and you are STRONG. You can slay your dragons, too.
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I've never known or had a dog that responds positively, if at all, upon seeing themselves in a mirror, window, or camera, but often dogs do not like their reflections. This is because they see another dog whether in your camera phone or in a reflection on the glass, but the dog they see gives off no scent or other non verbal information that makes sense to a dog, and what a dog would expect from "the dog in the mirror." This is why they either have no interest, or get upset...what they see visually doesn't match up with their expectations, and they want away from this dog that gives off no smells, nor does it communicate Meet Winston. Winston fell in love with his reflection, and himself, from the day they first met. It was a snowy evening, and when his eyes met his eyes in his own reflection in the fireplace, it was love at first sight of himself. He often pauses what he's doing or the toy he's carrying around to check himself out in the fireplace. He can spend a very comfy amount of time admiring himself. You have to admire that kind of confidence...maybe there's a lesson there for all of us??? Probably not, though.
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That face. That look. Those eyes. This is that incredible expression that only dogs can give you. This is pure, uncorrupted, genuine love. Adoration. This is what reminds me on my worst days, my lowest of lows, that I am loved. Unconditionally. Anything else, everything and everyone else...whatever you've done or not done, however low you feel, this is a gift from God, and a reminder...the true, unbreakable, and just because you're you real love only a dog can give you. I don't deserve it, not one bit. But this sweet, perfect Angel loves me always every moment of every day. He can dry my tears, ease my anxiety, sorrow, doubts, the feelings of being lazy, useless, selfish, pathetic. We don't deserve dogs to begin with. Rommy, my sweet black bean, 13 years old next month, and has seen me at my worst and best, and he still can give me one look. The look only dogs can give...."You are the best person in the whole world, my person and my whole world. I love you. Because you are you." How lucky am I to have a beautiful, gentle, loving soul look at me in a way that tells me so much, when I need it the most, and probably deserve it the least? *******
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Shhh...someone had their first birthday today but wasn't supposed to know he was missing out on anything since Mommy and Nana worked all weekend and were going to celebrate later this week...I thinnkkkkk someone told him though. 😢🤫🤫
Mommy and Nana can't wait to celebrate you this week, you sweet weird awesome meatball head!!!! More to come for Winnie later this week!!! 🎂🎂🎂
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This week, particularly the last few days, were...yeah...what was I saying? So I'm alive and I've had lots of cuteness, fun stuff, or nerd cool things to share but literally no time to post. Last 2 or 3 nights I was out working anywhere from 1 to 4 am and up at em again first thing. Nope, nothing medicine related either. Why?? There's a big cuddly fluffy beautiful pumpkin pup hint here in this picture...when I'm among the living again tomorrow...get ready for some ridiculous make your heart melt and eyes moisten posts...
PS Ummm...most mention most fabulous maxi dress in the world courtesy of the most fabulous lovely AJ slingin Meg, @thepineappleshoppewithmeg ...I wore it like 4 out of the last 8 days. And I have many maxi dresses. But I only have one...of these (bad joke sorry). Yup. It's soft and comfy and gorgeous. Yup. It was a lifesaver for getting dressed with no sleep and hot weather all weekend, especially for the crazy stuff I was doing till 4 am...and YESSSS, those are POCKETS!!! ***********
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Don't settle for anything less than everything you want and deserve. Don't make excuses for someone treating you in a way that is anything less than how a strong, beautiful, kick ass queen should be. Only the platinum VIP package. And if you can't have that, don't settle at all. You are more important than you give yourself credit for, and you deserve to feel whole and fulfilled; it's so much better in the long run to make and live a life of your own, even if you do it without a partner, than settling for someone to avoid being alone; to be with someone yet feel lonely and empty. You deserve that much baby girl.
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The key to a solid relationship is communication. And empathy. Gall bladder gets a bad rap for causing nasty cancers, and for making gall stones, and under or over producing digestive materials. But seriously...give him a break will you? He LITERALLY spends his whole life in the liver's shadow...can you imagine literally working for THE LIVER and always being helpful while that little gallbladder light of yours doesn't get to shine. And no one cares at all until you mess up and make those stones. Meanwhile your boss is the LIVER. The liver which is so significant and unique with its blood supply, with its ability to get a pieced chopped off and that piece can grow someone a whole new liver. That we DON'T NEED ANYTHING TO "DETOX" OR "CLEANSE" our body of toxins because guess what? That is exactly what the liver does every day, 365 days a year, 24/7 from the moment you were freshly conceived little bambino egg until the day you die. Plus liver is pretty crucial to making cholesterol stuff not to mention everything that makes you bleed and STOP bleeding and clot. So much to live up to. Be kind and give your gallbladder a lil Murphy's Sign Maneuver to show him you care today! ********
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Hey pretty people! Thank you for following me. I'm going to thank myself on your behalf for being me. Who am I? I'm a mouthy little thing into humor from poop to dead baby jokes to very dry, sardonic wit to high fives for inserting pop culture references anywhere you can! I ❤ medicine & advocate for mental health awareness #endthestigma. I haz an MD and some wicked doctor experience on the internal medicine & psychiatry side. Insanely dedicated to animal welfare. I will lobby, petition, actively rescue from mills, help place animals, volunteer and campaign for shelters, doing away with mills (we need everyone we can get to help sign petitions and lobby your local congressman to impose much harsher felony punishments, fines, and jail time to people who harm animals or raise them in those awful places!) and of course I LOVE pet sitting as much as I can. I work with a great franchised company and it's actually the most rewarding thing I do daily. So if you're new to IG or me, that's only a small blob on a non Bob Ross approved canvas of my life. And yes, I know I'm adorbs on top of everything else. Thank you for don't have to even say it. I know you're thinking it. I'm in a scary, stressful yet exciting place in my can gather some of that from the end of the last post, but otherwise I'm staying shhhhh on that front till I have a salaried contract with benefits signed copied and my ass has formed its own little dent in my new chair in my new office. So don't ask bc I wont tell no matter how close I am or how cool it is. I do reference family and friends bc i love them and they are a blessing, but never personally or by full name etc unless there's a reason to do so (my friends, you can advertise fo free on here!). But otherwise, PRIVATE. Romantic relationships, privaterererest as Area 51. You'd have better luck getting gold bars out of Fort Knox than getting me to mention a man in my life, IF there is one.... My parents don't even know unless there's a wedding they need to show up for (mine, obviously) Either way...that's a shhhhh. I don't do relationship statuses or lots of public anything/sharing. No intimate things are sacred these days.

All work and errands DONE today as planned✔ Big smile for life...and cleanliness as parents say things like, "Lauren...why don't you take a nice long hot'll feel good... Lauren HAVE YOU TAKEN A SHOWER YET JUST ASKING?!" "My shoulder and rotator cuff are torn and literally being held on by a thread and I've been showering and shaving, so you know...i think you should like, really go clean up. Now. I bought you razors so you can shave off that European look you inherited from your mom's side." I'm sure my dad's Sicilian, Middle Eastern, Caucasus, North African heritage plays no role in my thicc hair everywhere. I showered and shaved, okay?? Va fa Napoli, faccia bruta!!✔FUN medicine fact...the most overlooked but crucial area to bath and keep clean...your weensy little belly button! Truly. It's inwards, gets sweaty, in contact with lots of fibers, fur, etc; stuff can sit and cook up fungal infections and cheesy odors (belly button cheese is never okay). Women...this shouldn't surprise you since our goods stay on the inside. Guys...just do it okay? And wash your balls, too. WASH THE BELLY BUTTON ✔ I returned banks' phone calls despite my over the top paranoia of ever answering the phone if it's about banking, bills, or my black hole sun of med school debts. But I'm a fucking adult so I just did it. And guess what? Only MOST of them were really rude or mean to me and ONLY ONE made me feel like a doctor AND total degenerate loser hobo in a box at the same time!! ✔ Guess what else? Doing some serious job applications/follow ups bc I've FINALLY honed in on what I'm very specifically looking for in a healthcare job, company, career track; and ideally the ability to network and use my position and influence as a platform for some seriously overdue quality improvements for healthcare. ✔ And applying for some way out of my zone jobs at a super cool, ever growing media giant. "Because sometimes you just gotta say what the fuck."✔ Stay tuned!! #lovelife

I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again...@becolorstreet nails!!! I've always liked a nice manicure or pedicure like most ladies (and gents!), and I used to get them done professionally and regularly. I stopped doing that in residency due to serious time constraints but I still always made time to do them myself. Why? Because it made me feel nice. It made me feel good. And life is stressful enough as it is, so if getting manicures or getting your hair dyed regularly or getting a weekly massage makes you feel good, by all means do it!! You deserve it. Yes I'm talking to YOU. You deserve it. So back to @becolorstreet ...if you lack the funds or the time for a salon visit or are just looking to treat yourself but just really don't feel up to doing all that work yourself...I can't say enough amazing things about these. They come in an amazing variety of colors and styles (beautiful bold red to blush pink to black to glittery magenta to ombre red orange and gold to actual nail art); they are 100% real nail polish that come in packs of 16 strips. But they are designed in such a way that 16 strips will easily get you 2-3 manis or pedis per pack, and cost anywhere from 11 to 14 bucks. They take minutes to put on, they are already 90% dry when you put them on, and they really look professionally done and last for 2 weeks or more. The color I'm wearing here is called "Blue Lagoon". This took me about 20 minutes because I actually put 2 layers on instead of just one. 20 minutes plus enough strips left over for another manicure and everything is dried and done. For 11 bucks. (The color I was wearing in previous pics is called "Hollywood Hills"). These are a game changer/life saver for me and I can't talk enough about them. If you're interested, please click on the Instagram link above. You can order directly off their website or go through a Color Street retailer. I'm going to link you to my lovely, stylish, and oh so generous mani slinger with her giveaways and deals:
PS I DO NOT sell these or get any incentives for sharing product info, and am not affiliated with @becolorstreet other than being a huge fan!!!

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