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Cammi  ✨Personal growth is the pursuit of happiness✨ Yoga enthusiast 6/2017 🥀🍂✨🌻🌙🧘🏼‍♀️☕️🌞🤸🏼‍♀️ sc: trash-cam

I was going to the challenge #Meltinthesun
But my endometriosis got the better of me. I wish I could have participated but sometimes you just have to sit back and watch! This is a great learning experience for me and it is so lovely to see everyone doing their own thing and being just beautiful people in general!
I’m sure next challenge I do I will be able to properly participate! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😊

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*I am very excited to get back into my first yoga challenge since I picked it back up again!* STARTS TOMORROW!!!

After all the fun we had in March, we are super excited to announce #MeltintheSun, a free spirited yoga challenge where we continue to explore hybrids that bring heart and hip openers together in a unique display of creativity! •
Each day from August 6 to 14 we celebrate our body’s full expression by offering you a base pose upon which you can develop your own original variation...
So step outside, feel the sun on your skin and come play with us! •
Fiery Hosts:

Shining Sponsors:
@@cbd_oil_solutions 👆🏻 $250 prize pack! ☝🏻
(us shipping)
@sultrystones (us shipping)

Base Pose Line Up:
Day 1•Forearm + hip opener
Day 2•Straddle/frog + heart opener
Day 3•Cobra + hip opener
Day 4•Hero + heart opener
Day 5•Camel + hip opener
Day 6•Split + heart opener
Day 7•Puppy + hip opener
Day 8•Bridge/wheel + hip opener
Day 9•Bind + hip opener

How to play:
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✖️Follow all hosts/sponsors
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✖️ Tag a couple of friends to spread the love ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ✖️Listen to your body, be safe & have fun! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
✖️And why not? Pop into the gallery to share some love and good vibes... it’s all about supporting each other!!!!

Doing yoga in public always makes me nervous but my friend is encouraging

Hello hi it’s been a moment but here’s a lil quick video including a small warmup to crow!! I haven’t been doin yoga due to back pain in a hot minute but I wanna get crow right so baaadddd.

u ever just

I took some neat pictures at the Nelson at the end of the big picnic day!

“My baby, he said he loved me
A thousand times, but they’re all lies
My baby, he said he needed me
But now he’s gone, I’m all alone”

sorry this is so dark o: I like to practice in natural light and it was an overcast day!
as my practice becomes stronger, I notice I’m not too worried about how I look, so I look dumb. I notice that I’m focused on the stretch of my muscles, my breathing, the pull of my body as it all works together. It’s poetic to me when I think about it, how it’s just one continuous flow of movement. That bodies are amazing. It teaches me so much respect for what my body does for me. I’m called to remember my fight with anorexia, what little respect I had for this beautiful body, what little respect I had for ME. I stopped doing yoga a little while ago because anorexia was such a strong voice in the back of my mind. I thought I didn’t have the right body to be doing yoga, I had weird dimples in the wrong places, cellulite, I had odd bumps and lumps, my tummy was a little pouchy. I had a thousand reasons why I couldn’t enjoy something that had formerly brought me so much peace.
Meditation has helped so much in helping me realize that it doesn’t matter my body shape, type, what I look like. Meditation helped me see me, for me, not what I thought I looked like in the mirror.
It’s hard, I’m not saying I’m completely cured or fixed. I still worry about my body, I still worry about weight and all my weird lumps and bumps and my cellulite and dimples. However, I push past that, I throw myself into yoga with renewed passion. It’s one of a couple of things that keeps me out of my head and worrying too much.
It’s helped me realize how amazing my body is, even if I don’t like the lumps and bumps. The way that my body processes things and heals me when I fall, keeps me safe from bacteria and sickness.
There’s no reason I should try to tear down the work my body is trying to do for me.
I go to therapy once every week and group therapy once a week. I’m not saying my practice in Buddhism and yoga has made me perfect, that it supplements why I learn and heal in therapy. So please, please seek help if you struggle like I have.

You are made of the galaxy- literally; what’s found in the cosmos is in your body. So why cry when you are the universe?
#yoga #itsbeenawhile

“Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane”
Already miss Mass. and my friend Joe!

Love da beach. It’s so blue

Thank you @joej108 for being my pseudo yoga camera guy hehehe. I had a wonderful time on the beach with him and had a little bit of yoga as well!! .

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