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Cammi  ✨Personal growth is the pursuit of happiness✨ Yoga enthusiast 6/2017 🥀🍂✨🌻🌙🧘🏼‍♀️☕️🌞🤸🏼‍♀️ sc: trash-cam

Here is a reminder that I’m really, really gay and I really, really like girls. A lot. And also that I would die for women

Just use your bedpost next time you want a deep stretch 😂

The sky was on fire.

Firstly, thank u to my artsy friend for wanting to use me as a model and helpin me make the first pic look so pretty. I actually feel really, really confident in it. Second pic I just really like my outfit sooooooo ootd I guess?
Plz don’t be creepy I beg of you

In which Cam does poses on high things and her best friend takes the pic while worrying about Cam falling: a series

In so glad @hydref.g is my best friend!! She puts up w me constantly asking her 2 take pix of me doing wild yoga stuff and she makes it so pretty too!!

If there ever was a useless lesbian, it’s me. I mean cmon look at these babies

Let’s play a game called “how many thin banisters, beams, ledges, etc can Cam do the splits on”

Thank u random lesbian that offered to take this pic for me I’m forever in ur debt

This bathrooms color them is NICE
Also I’m so ready for fall can u tell by my chunky fall colored sweater

get u a friend who shamelessly will take pix of u 📷: Floura

biiiiiigggg big big thank you to @damkirosun for both the septum and left nostril!!

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