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maddieziegler  I most likely think your opinion is useless.

It’s Maya (adorevertes) and hello people... don’t mind me just checking in

What’d I miss..?

When did Kendall get tits

Broo tf she doing lmao where is her neck


Why u actin like u did nothing @madsmybean nothing would be happenin if u would've just said shit to my face and confront me about it and not act like u didn't say anything lil pussy

Deadass Chloe be looking older than Christi nowadays. Christi needs to lay off the plastic surgery forreal 🤦‍♀️

what content do u guys want to see on here

#laddie or #malani or #claddie I SAY LADDIE FTW BOi

Maddie sitting on things

I think I'm gonna start using this acc again what do u guys think

happy 1 year ❤️ thank u all so much for all the memories and im sorry my account failed but it was fun while it lasted and i met so many people that changed my life forever ! this is the oldest screenshot i have of my account lmao ok goodbye i love u all

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