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Cindy  Enjoying the journey called LIFE! 💗

I have a feeling that my grandson Cru Jones Halsey will become quite popular with the ladies... To the left is a young boy named Elvis Presley.

To the right is Cru.

I had this album growing up.

The POWER of words... Someone told me the other day that they remembered me... and that I was always nice to them... Best compliment EVER.
Thank you friend.
A friend I will always remember as "a kind soul". My type of person. ❤

This sums up the perfect Mini-getaway. ❤

Images such as this one posted, inspire me to think of messages that inspire others, or ones that cause people to take a moment to ponder their purpose in life... For instance... are you an active participant in your life's journey... bringing action to thoughts... or rather ~ are you a bystander watching the world around you . go by.
Wisdom and experience are acquired through time, with age, and from lessons learned.
Life isn't always simple, but if you take the good with the bad, your resilience will speak volumes.

There is beauty in imperfections, because it makes one unique, interesting, and holds some mystery to be revealed when the time is right.

Rewards are more meaningful when they are earned, and less desireable when they are merely given.

Respect is something that is worth receiving by proving ones own worth.
Goals when set, provide a template to strive for, and are even more tempting in the presence of obstacles, because it's no fun to receive accolades when the attempt is mediocre at best.
Reading is liberating... because it brings color, life, dimension, and purpose to printed letters, and sequential words... Inspiration comes in many forms... through music, art, print, images, conversation, action, or a mere glance... because there is power behind every message, whether it is heard, spoken, seen, or touched.
Feelings are intangible... but they are deep... often misconstrued... but when understood... they are powerful... because they can effect change... Each of us is different... imagine the power we have, when we get together to share our thoughts, our ideas, and our talents... we can change the world... When you welcome what inspires you... and walk away from what stifles your creativity... your ideas may be transformed into something greater than you ever imagined... because you feel liberated... appreciated... and your passion has been ignited... and most importantly released... What inspires you?...

I ❤ my grandchildren Malia and Cru.

This is how I feel about stupid drivers.... The ones that slow down to " 0 mph " when they have to make a right turn into a parking lot... The ones that speed up to block you when they know you need to get into the lane they're on... The ones who are so close to your car (following you), that they're practically kissing your you-know-what, and you can't go any faster because there are cars in front of you, and on each side.... And the big one.... People who don't know who has the "right of way" at a four way stop, and you're two cars behind, and nobody's moving.... Argggghhhh!!!! >.<

Oh boy..... Clarissa & Noel will have to be on top of it 24/7.... Their baby girl (2 year old Malia).... Yes... My granddaughter.... Is soooo sneaky.... I remember her mom telling her earlier today, no "Frozen" (Disney movie), until you finish your meal. I was busy doing something else, but at the corner of my eye, I saw her playing with her "Frozen" suitcase... Well this evening, I was looking for the remote control.... And after a frustrating 30 minutes, I thought to myself... "Hmmmm... I wonder?"..... I open the suitcase, and look what I found!!! The remote control that controls the DVD player that had "Frozen" in it!! .... I recall how sneaky she looked she I glanced at her.... Like she was "busted!".... Oh my goodness.... At the time she thought I knew... At the time... I had no clue.... This little toddler girl us like a mini James Bond 007... LMAO....Sooooo sly!!! ⌒.⌒

Thank you SPF 50... My granddaughter Malia is a sun goddess. 😁

Two daughters, and my granddaughter, by the river. Warm, sunny day in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Silhouettes.

This photo was taken by the late Jon Mozo, who died several years ago, doing what he loves to do... Capture moments by sea. Jon often took photos,of the surf... The ocean... I never did get to meet him. Heard he graduated from the same school I graduated from, but he's several years younger. A good friend of mine, who was a good friend of Jon's said that although he was a popular photographer... He remained humble, a loving friend, and a family man, leaving a wife and four children behind. I simply love this photo... Growing up in Hawaii in the 1960's and 1970's was a beautiful thing. I went back for visits every few years in the 1980's and moved back in the 1990's fir several years. Moved to the mainland re years ago to be closer to my parents, and to be closer to my kids, as they all finished their higher education in the mainland. More opportunities for them. Better jobs. Less expensive. Can actually enjoy life more because you have more time. In the islands it's more work. But still yet, we go back to visit every few years to get our dose of paradise...

Moonlight.... It was a magnificent evening... The sound of the breeze rustling through the coconut grove along the North Shore. Being born and raised in Hawaii was a beautiful thing... It's no wonder I go back every so often to get my dose of tropical sunshine during the day, and island breezes in the evening. Me ke aloha Ha'waii nei. Your mana is beholden. Aloha lives in my heart forever. 💗

It was worth the wait. No one on the bridge. Wish ai could bottle up the soft mist, crisp air, cool wind, and fresh scent from tho day, and unleash it as needed... Like when I'm in traffic. How calm, serene, and amazing this moment was.

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