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I m so much attracted from the fire... especially in a cabin, in the middle of the forest, in the middle of the night! Credit @pierre.laurent.boullais #kiruna #articcircle

Tribute to a friend which shares passions and gain! ... in the wild!!!! #articcircle #kiruna

Roots! Family! ... let’s drink. @sparici.landini @francescalandini

Winter is coming... with that some fire!

When we are “friends” it s forever! For old and new friends... happy whatever!!! @francescogalliff ... with the whole crew of the party... but just few of us... @francescalandini @fvalbusa .. and they will put all my f us in contact!!!! #charlie #FF

Welcome to Miami 🚀🌶🏎 🎶 Reggio Emilia... hometown of 🇮🇹 #cittadeltricolore happy to catch you with you guys!

Work in progress... keeping her warm in the while!

Family! Little brothers... party.. but now slowly going down. :-) Missing family time, good proposal for coming years!!! @recchiaweb @remolandini

Sona, Verona. The end of Summer.. 💥 fireworks 💥

Somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea!

Piazza Brescia, ex piazza del pesce!

Enjoying moonshine! Life push you up life push you down, then up again.. but night thoughts are always a great inspiration!

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