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❣ vιcтσяια lσvαтσ™  she said; pinkie you gotta stand up tall, learn to face your fears. #sтαʏsтяσиɢ ☯ ✝ ☮ ∞ ▴ ▿ i have had 53 obsessions in the past 2.5 years. :(

Happy Birthday Demi, i love you so much and i hope one day that I can meet you:) #happybirthdaydemi

awh we look so young.

sexy uniform.

i am actually sweating today. #feelslikesummer

i haven't taken a picture of myself in a while..and now i know why..

WHAT A CUTIE:') who's your favourite pony? #pinkiepie :3

my obsession #mylittlepony

second night of clear skies. FUCK YEAH.

i hope summer comes soon..

asdfghjkl. omg i love her so much. [#helenabonhamcarter]

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