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Excuse me.

Q: how TWICE cook?

Me: Are u gay?
Momo: no. *meanwhile Momo

It's not mine. I'm just repost it. Because it's too hilarious. Nayeonstans are always the best.
Cre to the rightful owner.

If i keep posting silly things, will they notice me? Like, will they likey this? I don't know. Maybe i'm a jerk?
But Jeongyeon yah, you and me we have the same hair cut. Used to. Well, let's keep doing this with hope. I hope it isn't disturbing or i'll stop right away.

I love you, Jihyo.

I'm sorry my English is bad and my pics's quality are low, but i've loved these gays too much i can't stand.

When someone asks where's my artworks. Here is it.

I'm high at the moment, so, here i am.
A meme from our cute snakue Sanachan.

Queen of memes - God Jihyo.

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