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Lokies Khan  singapore. กรุงเทพ. 🏳️‍🌈 singer. DJ. vocal coach. yogi. gaymer. cat lady. i have nothing to do with thor. 📽SG Narratives with Bhas:


It's been a year since the video of me speaking out on my sex gifs circulating online came out, and in case you're wondering, I'm beyond over it.

Everytime it resurfaces now, I rest assured knowing that while my haters be obsessing with my past, I look towards the future. I've grown heaps and so much has changed and happened in my life, all the good stuff which I remain grateful for. If there's one thing I've learned from the incident is that no matter what, I just gotta keep SHOWING UP.

People think I'm buried underneath shame, haters think I'd be trippin', but nah — I SHOW UP. And everytime I do, I become stronger, better and sexier. I've never felt this confident and good about myself, and them bitch asses ain't got nothin' on me because I'm unstoppable. x

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If BodyPump were my religion, then you're my goddess.

People think I'm lucky to have a good physique, but the truth is, I have you to thank for whipping me into shape week after week since last October.

Happiest birthday my Wonder Woman, @jacelyn.lin! xx

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More precious moments gorgeously captured by @iom.sg at @pinkdotsg 2017. x

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The Pride flag means a lot to me, and it wasn't until I held onto one three weeks ago, did I understand its power.

Growing up as a kid, I was unsure why I was looking at boys, not girls. I was constantly hurled with "ah gua", "sissy", "pondan", "gay", and I believed something wasn't right about me. I felt alone and I contemplated suicide. I struggled to believe I was gonna find a girl one day, fall in love, get married and have kids.

At 16, it was clear that this small part of what I am is also who I am, and I came out to myself and friends, two years later — to my family. I never regretted it as I continued to live my life as an openly gay man.

Yet with the continuous onset of discouraging news regarding my nation's progress with gay rights, I began to feel jaded. I was tired of feeling frustrated and I began to feel lukewarm towards the fight for a more inclusive Singapore.

But the Pride flag reminded me of something I could never imagine to be as a kid — to be ALIVE, BLESSED AND PROUD. It reminded me of what I've been through, and how much it can empower someone.

I realized it's more than just a piece of fabric. It's a SYMBOL of hope, freedom, acceptance and love. A symbol that was birthed by gay people a generation before me who have FOUGHT for MY FREEDOM AND RIGHT to come out. I took for granted the Pride flag. I took for granted that I'm openly gay and safe. I feel like a lot of people do, and I wanna change that.

I'm determined that this flag will be visible wherever I go, for as long as I'm alive. Because the Pride flag represents OUR IDENTITY AND FEARLESSNESS. And it is the responsibility of everyone privileged enough to be out and open to carry this symbol forward, to remind the next generation of queer kids — struggling with suicide because they feel like a mistake — that IT IS OKAY TO BE GAY.

It's also our responsibility to take this flag and inspire acceptance to those who feel the need to keep their sexual orientation a shameful secret. Because this is EVERYONE'S PRIDE flag. It's proud, it's powerful, and it's fucking beautiful. So let us be brave for those who needs courage!

My name is Lokies Khan, and I'm a proud gay man. 🏳️‍🌈

If there's a right way to do @pinkdotsg, I think we did great. 🏳️‍🌈 Photos by @rachng (rachelng.squarespace.com)

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I grew up listening to @britneyspears, and since I can't make it for her concert tonight, here's my homage to her with a casual cover of "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart". 💔

Before Christina, Mariah, Beyoncé, Gaga and Ariana, Brit Brit was and still is my first love. ❤️ Watch the full video on my Facebook. x

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I feel incredibly blessed to be spinning this Sunday night for Hypertainment's 5th anniversary at @1altitudesg again!

10pm - 1am, level 63 rooftop.

Magnificent view 280 metres into the skies x great music from me x good vibes.

See y'all there. x

Photo by @iom.sg.

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Sundays in/are for the bed. x

Photo by @iom.sg.


DJ LOKIES x @thejockshop x @mommiedymk's slumber party, happening this Saturday night!

Celebrating @britneyspears' return to Singapore, expect lots of Britney from me, coupled with The Jock Shop boys for runway shows.

If you snooze, you lose. So see you there. x

Photo by @iom.sg.

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There's this stereotype that gay people only hangs out with their own races. Then there's @bhas.karan and I, who's been breaking that stereotype for nearly a decade now.

People might think they know me based on what they see from my social media, but only a handful of people like my bestfriend KNOWS the real me.

It is an honor to be a part of the latest #sgnarratives video, where we asked each other questions that would never have occurred to us.

Our friendship knows no racial 'privilege'. In fact, our dynamic works because we are openly racist to one another. We make fun of each other's culture, have a good laugh and move beyond the color of our skins.

But we'll show respect where/when it's due. Be it at his place for Deepavali, where his mom cooks up her smashing sambal prawns with quail eggs, or during Chinese New Year where he receives an ang pao from my mom after the well wishes in gibberish Mandarin.

We may be dramatic, but our #friendship is drama free. x

New lights, new phone and first slut I mean selfie in over 3 months.

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This weekend, @mommiedymk is celebrating her 9th anniversary and I'm honored to be her DJ later tonight and tomorrow night.

Come on down! x

Photo by @iom.sg.

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