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LOKIES  singapore. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ singer. DJ. vocal coach. yogi. gaymer. cat lady. i have nothing to do with thor.

Come sit on daddy's lap. 😏

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Hi, I'd like to order a serving of last Monday's Monday blues pls. 🌊

#lokiesventuresbangkok #selfie #vscocam

About last Friday night at my favorite bar in the world.

Everytime I go back home to Bangkok, it ain't about how much ice-cream I eat, but it's about getting back in touch with my first passion. And the always welcoming @ironfairiesbkk is where I fall in love with singing all over again. My heart is always warmed by the staff who still remembers me after all this time.

I love how surprised everyone sounds the moment I open my mouth to sing everytime. I walk into the place in an oversized tee, baggy sweatshorts and high-cut Chuck Taylors, sitted by myself at one corner with my virgin mojito; the last thing anybody expects me to be doing is singing jazz, but I get them good everytime. It's exhilarating and it's what being a performer is about. The adrenaline rush is priceless.

The best part is how people actually gives a damn: They listen to me and appreciates what I can do with my voice. I'm a nobody there, and nobody is asking me to strip either. They just want to hear me sing.

And I know I'm doing it right because people would come up to me and tell me how I'm in my element most when I sing jazz or the blues. It makes me feel so blessed and grateful hearing that because I know that at the center of it all, that's what I am as a singer.

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Leave me the fuck alone here, idgaf; I don't wanna go back to Singapore. πŸ’”

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Sunday morning situation in Bangkok. x

White @cin2social briefs courtesy of @thejockshop. (Get 15% off with my discount code: LOKIES15)

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Please stop waking me the fuck up at 6am you attention seeking piece of shit. πŸ™ƒ

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Spinning back at @mommiedymk tomorrow night! Dropping electronic/house tunes that you will groove to till late.

Come hang. xx

Photo by @iom.sg for @thejockshop.

#dj #vscocam

I was so stoked when my @playoverwatch snapback came through the mail.

Over 170 hours of playtime in just two months?! HELLS YEAH, I LOVE OVERWATCH!

Because a great game that focuses on teamwork, celebrates diversity and inclusiveness, and the fact that ANYBODY can be a hero is the kind of situation the world sorely needs today. xx

If you're an Overwatcher on PSN, add me up at lokieskhan! ❀️ #overwatch #gaymer #selfie #vscocam

Well shit, I'm hella ugly when I'm properly clothed.

Photo by @aaronthepinese.


It's been a year since the video of me speaking out on my sex gifs circulating online came out, and in case you're wondering, I'm beyond over it.

Everytime it resurfaces now, I rest assured knowing that while my haters be obsessing with my past, I look towards the future. I've grown heaps and so much has changed and happened in my life, all the good stuff which I remain grateful for. If there's one thing I've learned from the incident is that no matter what, I just gotta keep SHOWING UP.

People think I'm buried underneath shame, haters think I'd be trippin', but nah β€” I SHOW UP. And everytime I do, I become stronger, better and sexier. I've never felt this confident and good about myself, and them bitch asses ain't got nothin' on me because I'm unstoppable. x

#light #selfie #vscocam

If BodyPump were my religion, then you're my goddess.

People think I'm lucky to have a good physique, but the truth is, I have you to thank for whipping me into shape week after week since last October.

Happiest birthday my Wonder Woman, @jacelyn.lin! xx

#birthday #fitness #vscocam

More precious moments gorgeously captured by @iom.sg at @pinkdotsg 2017. x

#pinkdot #pinkdotsg #pride #pridemonth #vscocam

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