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Welp, on this day as I turn 17, I walk into a brand new chapter of my life: typing this caption out on a massively packed train (HOW IS IT CROWDED AT 7:10AM?!), en route to my first day at a new job.

I found myself increasingly returning to my spirituality, in God and in the energies of the Universe. (I'm sounding like a hocus pocus nutjob but it's the T tho.) My heart was broken and I had wanted to get into the process of healing, but I wasn't receiving any until my state of mind was at the right place.

Which really made me fully grasp the concept of attitude and deservedness; that we will never get the things we want in life until we become the person who deserves it.

My birthday don't stand a chance against Christmas, but if there's one thing I wish for as I ditch my goatee, is for a leaner torso x phatter ass and legs.

p.s. This photo was taken in a studio for @bundies_basics' website, where you can see more of my ass and buy some underwear. xx

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Riding into 2018 strongly like my ass game. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ And for someone who usually wears nothing but underwear, you can best believe when I say @bundies_basics are on top of the comfort game. Get sum'. xx

Photo by @khairulazmas.


Diamonds are a girl's best friend. x

Photo by @bhas.karan.

#diamondthedachshund #vscocam

Amidst the rough seas 2017 threw me into, God sent angels into my life to help me through it. It was the year where I opened up my eyes and saw, felt and counted my blessings. It's an overwhelming epiphany that always leaves me shookt when I reflect upon it, and I have nothing but pure gratitude for it.

It was a year of opportunities, especially as a DJ and 'model'(?). I saw my body change through BodyPump and cleared my IMT. I finally got into a full-split in my yoga practice. @playoverwatch changed my life. @tinashenow picked up on me.๐Ÿ”ฅ I completed my National Service with Music & Drama Company. I got to return home to Bangkok for a few days. And through a whole year of singlehood, my self-worth also returned. I became more assured in my identity and looks, transcending beyond and between mannerisms as a gay man. I wanted to be whoever and whatever I felt like, and I did.

But the one thing that I learned in 2017 โ€” that I'm bringing with me into 2018 to improve on โ€” is seeing the good in people. I realized my easily resentful nature was a shit magnet. Unknowingly allowing unnecessary negative energy and weight into my life. But the rat was caught fortunately, and as a personal resolution (and revolution), I want to embody the spirit of positivity even more.

I want to master the art of forgiveness and to feel freely and fearlessly. Because that's the beauty of being human, even if it throws you to the fire. I want to be the best that I can be, and I want to help others do the same. I want to curse less, smile and say thank you more.

Moving forward into a new year with a renewed mindset and energy, I'm also grateful that the universe has given me another shot in chasing my NYC dreams. "I want to be a part of it... I'm gonna make a brand new start of it", and I will do everything in my will to make it happen this time. It's you and me, 2018. Come at me. x

Photo by @khairulazmas for @bundies_basics.

#bundies #grateful #2018 #newyear

2017 has been about people for me. There are those who matters, those who's inspired me, and new people I've met who's been an absolute blessing. Because I truly believe now that at the end, all we've got are the human connections we've made.

We decided to 'downsize' our Christmas party this year, but the warmth, joy and gratitude was just as tangible. Thank you, each and every single one of you, for making my last Christmas in Singapore count. โค๏ธ #christmas #friendship #blessed #grateful #vscocam

To complement my daddy facial hair x shirt days, @danielwellington does a splendid job in improving my (lack of) class. (I'm a tee, sweats and sneakers kinda gal on most days lol.) Last 2 days to punch in my code "lokies" to get you that festive 25% discount. My name has value for once, so seriously, please just go get a watch thanks. xx

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Hanging out around Singapore with @iamthomasbeattie in @bundies_basics and secretly praying we won't go to jail. Was literally telling him kopi is lit in the first picture lolol.
Pre-order yourself the softest underwear made from organic cotton/Lenzing Modalยฎ fibers via www.bundies.com right now. xx

Photos by @khairulazmas.



May your days be merry and bright! Be of good cheer! Hug your loved ones, and always remember that it's not the things we do on Christmas, but the Christmas things we do all year through.

And even if you're spending it alone, have yourself a merry little Christmas. xx

Photo by @iom.sg for @thejockshop.

#christmas #vscocam

My heart is still filled with so much gratitude for the experience through my BodyPump Initial Module Training last weekend. I discovered that I've got so much more in me to push my physical and mental capacity to the next level.

I'm thankful to have had @reagankang's coachmanship and guidance. And I'm blessed to have done it with a supportive group of people, coming from all walks of life, who are passionate for the program.

I never would have thought a year after falling in love with BodyPump, I'd eventually see myself on this journey to become an instructor. Thank you, @jacelyn.lin for inspiring and believing in me.

There's truly nothing better to give myself this Christmas than getting past the negatives with a pass in my training. This is only but the beginning of where I want this to go. x

#lesmills #bodypump #blessed #grateful #respecttheprocess #vscocam

Some of the most comfortable underwear my bum has had the luxury to feel. @bundies_basics is now LIVE for pre-orders! Check it. xx

Photo by @khairulazmas.


Give the gift of time this Christmas with @danielwellington. x

Create a gift complete with festive wrappings and enjoy a total of 25% off x free shipping with my code "lokies". Because I'm validated as an 'influencer' now lololol.

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Yes, I do DJ with clothes on, y'all.

I felt incredibly blessed and undeserving to have the wonderful opportunity to spin at @kilolounge x Frolic; and to have my squad down showing their support last Sunday night. โค๏ธ xx

Photos by @debbieyphotography.

#dj #kilosgoturback #vscocam

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