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Crash is my new HVAC technician. He finds every vent a tests them for AC.

My dog. Master of begging.

Little pupper guy.

Say cheese. Or mice. Schrödinger is tired of my crap

Somebody isn't happy about it being Monday

I don't need your judgements, bird! #judgementalparrot

Something keeps disturbing my sleep.

The entire right side of her face got crunched pretty bad, but Cricket is in good spirits and taking food

Phoenix got to visit Cricket today. The good news is that it doesn't look like Cricket will need surgery.

Poor Cricket got attacked in the backyard last night. We suspect a fox. Luckily, Rugby was able to get there and save her before it got worse. She's recovering and last update from the vet says she's stable and they're going to do a CT scan on her to check her skull and jaw for fractures. They also have to check her eye socket for damage. Just praying that this little puppy will be okay.

Guess what my wonderful wife got for me? I've been having a rough go of things lately and to show how much she and Phoenix appreciate what I do for them, my wife got me a new Xbox. #woot

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