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Logen  uga ✰ gamma phi beta ✰ Hello Wisconsin

You girls keep me young

One last Tshirt Tuesday to ring in our first year as dawgs

We just really loved that DJ!! #nashvegas #reviveabby

~insert caption about meeting the broskis~

#whygammaphi ? Bc you get cool hats for sprang break duh

Errybody loves when Em comes to Athens, especially me!

I’m only leaning on him because I can’t stand up on my own

Special shoutout to @spazswagner for being an impromptu photographer and for letting me be his 500’s Night date !!! #whorememberswho

I’d like to personally thank Kirby Smart for getting me thru finals #thanksdad #insmartwetrust

“Okay but.... what are you?”

Final Clue: Meet me on the lawn where there's so much room for activities !!!

Takin out the imposters one bulldog at a time #dawgsnotdogs

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